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Dr. rer. nat. Markus Mühlhan mit neuen Publikationen in 2017

Auch dieses Jahr bereichert Dr. rer. nat. Markus Mühlhan die Forschung mit einigen Publikationen.

Schäfer, I., Pawils, S., Driessen, M., Härter, M., Hillemacher, T., Klein, M., Muehlhan, M., Ravens-Sieberer, U., Schäfer , M., Scherbaum , N., Schneider, B., Thomasius, R., Wiedemann, K., Wegscheider, K., Barnow, S. (2017). Understanding the role of Childhood Abuse and Neglect as a cause and consequence of Substance Abuse: The German CANSAS-Network. European Journal of Psychotraumatology. VOL. 8, 1304114


Muehlhan, M., Höcker, A., Höfler, A., Wiedemann, K., Barnow, S., Schäfer, I., & the CANSAS study group (2017). Stress-related salivary alpha-amylase (sAA) activity in alcohol dependent patients with and without a history of childhood maltreatment. Psychopharmacology (Epub ahead of print). Free read only access:


Hilbert, K., Lueken, U., Muehlhan, M., Beesdo-Baum, K. (2017). Separating Generalized Anxiety Disorder from Major Depression using clinical, hormonal and structural MRI data: a multimodal machine learning study. Brain and Behavior 2017;7:e00633


Trautmann, S., Muehlhan, M., Kirschbaum, C., Wittchen, H-U., Höfler, M., Stalder, T., PhDb, Steudte-Schmiedgen, S. (2017). Biological stress indicators as risk markers for increased alcohol use following traumatic experiences. Addiction Biology (Epub ahead of print).


Steudte-Schmiedgen, S., Wichmann, S., Stalder, T., Hilbert, K., Muehlhan, M., Lueken, U., Beesdo-Baum, K., (2017). Hair cortisol concentrations and cortisol stress reactivity in generalized anxiety disorder, major depression and their comorbidity. Journal of Psychiatric Research 84:184-190