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Apprenticeship-based degrees

Our Bachelor degrees Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy, provide the opportunity to study while doing an apprenticeship.

Prerequisites for this apprenticeship-based degree include:

  • Higher education entrance qualification, a topic specific matriculation standard or the advanced technical college entrance qualification based on ยง 37 HmbHG
  • An existing apprenticeship contract with a vocational school

Your benefit

The benefits of the apprenticeship-based study module is the completion of a dual degree (licence to practice and Bachelor degree) in a relatively short time frame. The module includes 8 semesters and covers both the foundational education at a state recognised vocational school and the Bachelor degree.

Organization of the apprenticeship-based degree

The apprenticeship-based study module comprises six semesters that are held parallel with the apprenticeship module and is delivered solely through teaching staff of the academic institute. The associated workload of the students remains tolerable and does not exceed 40 hrs/week, based on a monthly calendar calculation. Through regular lectures and seminars, students experience a certain continuity both in regards to content as well as in regards to personal support and services. After completion of the apprenticeship, two additional semesters conclude as full-time modules at MSH Medical School Hamburg. As such, after just 8 semesters, both the apprenticeship and the study degree can be completed.

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