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Student Accommodation

Finding accommodation can be stressful and tiring in Hamburg, especially during the beginning of the semester. We therefore recommend you to start looking for accommodation as early as possible!

A room in a share-house or apartment can cost you between 250€ and 450€.  Look out for advertisements in university canteens at notice boards, advertisements in newspapers and most importantly online. Below we provide you with tips for finding the right accommodation for you.

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Halls of residence, Studierendenwerk Hamburg

Furnished apartments. There is no need to arrange internet, water, electricity, heating and TV connection. On top of this, this is an all-inclusive rent without additional extra expenses.

The Studierendenwerk Hamburg provides German and international students a place to live within 24 residential halls of residence with approximately 4.220 apartments. Rents are usually about 250 € (all inclusive) in furnished standard rooms, about 285 € in freshly renovated room and approximately 355 € in new rooms. The all-inclusive rent not only includes extra expenses (electricity, water), but also covers many extra services such as fast internet connection, cable TV, community rooms including a bar, fitness and music spaces, recreation and intercultural events, house managers and welcome-in tutors. 
MSH students can get housing accommodation through these halls of residence of the Studierendenwerk Hamburg.

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