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Open Day at MSH

What is happening behind the scenes at MSH Medical School Hamburg? 

On Saturday, January 11th, 2020, we will open our doors for students, parents and other interested parties in our main head office in the Hafen City district and at the Harburger Binnenhafen. Visitors get the chance to experience the student and campus life from 10AM to 3PM. This is your chance to get in touch with professors, academic staff and students. You can also attend workshops, lectures and special presentations that give you an insight into our degrees. More information is available in our campus brochure. 

Please make a booking for an individual consultation session if needed. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

Access the Open Day registration form

Our campus at the Harburger Binnenhafen

We are proud to announce that we now also offer the degrees of the Department Family, Child and Social Work (Social Work, Transdisciplinary Early Intervention) on our Campus at the Harburger Binnenhafen since winter semester 2017/2018, along with the degrees of the Department Art, Society and Health (Expressive Arts in Social Transformation, Art analogue coaching, Intermedial Art Therapy). 

Department Family, Child and Social Work

Are you interested in the degrees Social Work or Transdisciplinary Early Intervention? You are keen to find out more about the new Campus »Arts and Social Change«? Then join us and come to the Harburger Binnenhafen. Here you can view art studios, a music room and a movement- and theater space in a former factory. 

Department Art, Society and Health 

The Department Art, Society and Health offers a little trial workshop titled Coaching, Art Therapy and Expressive Art in Social Transformation.  

Access our flyer with relevant information on the programme for the trial workshop and with registration details. 

Access the picture gallery of the new Campus »Arts and Social Change«

Impressions of Open Day

Academic Service

Academic Service

Academic Service
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