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The opportunities to finance your studies are diverse. Each individual student will need to find out which situation is best for him/her. We are happy to consult you in an individual face to face conversation. 

In the below, we present some case examples, for your interest.


BAföG is for many students a reliable way to finance their studies. Certain income limits, however, cannot be exceeded. The disadvantage of BAföG is that recipients will need to repay half the amount back.

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Federal Government's training loan programme

As early as 2001, the Federal Government has initiated the training loan programme with the intention to guarantee that the uptake of professional training or studies and internships is not hindered by financial reasons. Ever since, more than 120.000 students have been supported through the training loan programme. More information on the training loan programme of the federal government can be accessed here.


Financial support for highly talented students is available by a number of organisations, unions, churches and political parties. To receive a scholarship, an applicant usually undergoes a certain selection process and needs to meet specific requirements. Whilst some organisations chose applicants largely based on their performances and grades, others focus on social and volunteer activities. It is all worth it to do your research!

The key nation-wide scholarship options can be found here.

A meta search database for scholarships can be accessed at Through a matching-procedure, students can find out the available scholarship and other financial support options. The data base of this website includes more than 2.100 scholarship programs and other support initiatives with a total value of more than 465 million Euro per year.



The website lists the sub-section Gefördertes Lernen on their website. This does not only provide an overview of the key financial support organisations, but it also names the smaller and often less known, local programmes. Furthermore, the website explains the advantages of receiving a scholarship, which requirements need to be met and how the application processes generally occur. The website also includes information on scholarships for all students, for the working population and for those intending to study abroad.

Study loan

A number of banks in Germany offer educational loans with a relatively low interest loan and an extended repayment option. Information can be attained from your local bank, such as the Hamburger Sparkasse, HASPA Kompetenz-Center Heilberufe or the Deutsche Bank.

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