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You are interested in studying at MSH? Use our step-by-step online service for applying at MSH! Firstly, please enter the relevant information so that we can process your application further.

Please note that you need to provide us with a complete and signed application for admission including the certified copies of the relevant documents.

Application form to proceed to online application at MSH Medical School Hamburg

ENG_Formular zur Online Bewerbung an der MSH

Course of degree / Subject / Module
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Further information on your application process

Application materials

Please ensure that all required materials are attached to your application for admission. Incomplete submissions cannot be considered. We usually ask you to re-submit missing materials. Your final degree certificate can be handed in at a later stage.

Application confirmation
As soon as you submit your application materials, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on further application processes.

All submitted copies must be officially certified; in copies of multiple pages (e.g. university entrance diploma) it must be clearly laid out that the certification refers to the entire original copy.

Notes for your application process
Entering applications are being processed based on the date of submission. After an initial scan of the completion of materials and after a successful initial interview for admission, classification test or entrance test, admissions will be announced until all available spaces are filled. We therefore recommend a timely application. In online-application processes, you still need to hand in the originals via post. 

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