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State-approved recognition and accreditation of MSH

The state-approved recognition of a private academic institute such as MSH Medical School is not only of utmost importance for the institution, but most of all for our students and all our academic staff. In the following, we provide an overview of all recognition- and accreditation processes MSH underwent and we explain why this is so important to us.

State-approved accreditation of the academic institute

Next to public universities, an increasing number of private academic institutes are emerging in Germany and bring diversity, innovation and new perspectives to the educational market. In order for all services of the different universities to be and maintain to be comparable, to ensure mobility of students and to maintain the high quality academic standards on teaching and research in our country, a state-wide recognition of private academic institutes is not only imperative but mandatory, based on the Framework Act for Higher Education (Hochschulrahmengesetz (HRG)) and the academic laws of the different states within Germany.

The federal states are in charge of the recognition of the separate academic institutes of its state. Therefore, the Authority for Science and Research of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (Behörde für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Gleichstellung (BWFG)) is the responsible authority for the state-approved recognition of MSH Medical School Hamburg.

The Authority for Science and Research of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg has granted and approved the state-wide recognition as a University of Applied Sciences with the Faculty of Health, with verdict on 10. November 2009, based on §§114 und 115 of the Hamburg Higher Education Act. With verdict on 03. July, 2013, the state-approved recognition of the Faculty of Life Sciences followed as an academic University. Ever since, the MSH Medical School Hamburg carries the additional name »University of Applied Sciences and Medical University«.

The state-approved recognition is restricted until 31.12.2017. This is in accord with the standard and universal, legal recognition processes of the Authority for Science and Research of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (Behörde für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Gleichstellung (BWFG)). Private academic institutions can only be granted recognition for a restricted time. In the subsequent processes, all private academic institutions undergo the processes of the institutional accreditation through the science council. MSH has successfully completed these procedures and was granted accreditation for three years on 17.07.2017 by the Science Council. This time frame will be extended for another five years after fulfilling the requirements without additional accreditation procedures.

State-wide recognition of degrees

The state-wide recognition of the academic institute by the federal state, also carries the state-wide recognition of the degrees. These are separately listed in the recognition verdict. Only with the state-wide recognition of a degree, can a university grant the academic degree after successful completion of the studies (e.g. Bachelor of Science, or Master of Education) which is equivalent to the degree of a public university.

All degrees offered at MSH Medical School Hamburg have been officially recognised and approved.

Accreditation and re-accreditation of the degrees

All degrees at MSH have been successfully accredited by the accreditation company AHPGS, or are currently in the processes of accreditation. This certifies the outstanding quality of our services. Further, our degrees are not only state-wide accredited, but also internationally accredited.

The accreditation as a structural procedure that warrants commitment of the university in regards to quality of a degree, belongs to the most important key processes when introducing a new degree: through the accreditation process, we warrant the quality and framework requirements as well as international comparability. Accreditation processes are conducted through recognised accreditation companies in Germany. Here, the accreditation council has been implemented, a council that can legally authorize companies for accreditation processes. MSH Medical School Hamburg chose to work with AHPGS, an accreditation company for degrees in the field of health and social sciences, based in Friburg.

AHPGS conducts so called programme accreditations at MSH. This procedure examines the following:

-          Are the degrees offered relevant to the job market, are they feasible to study and are they offered on a suitable level?

-          Does the academic institute provide the necessary personnel, infrastructure and content-related resources to guarantee quality for teaching and research?

-          Are the degrees transparent in nature and applicable for students of interdisciplinary backgrounds and qualifications?

The accreditation of a degree generally occurs with a restricted time limit of five years. In a subsequent procedure, the degree will be re-assessed in another procedure and will then be re-accredited for another seven years.

During the re-accreditation processes, the experiences of previous years are compared and aligned with the overall objectives, plans and expectations from the accreditation processes. It is further examined:

  • Whether the defined qualification objectives and the quality level of the degree has been met
  • Whether the degree is feasible to study based on organisation and conduct
  • Whether the degree has undergone further development in regards to quality management and assurance
  • Whether all legal arrangements (e.g. accreditation council) have been met and considered including those in existence since the previous accreditation processes.

During these processes, evaluation protocols and evaluation findings, statistical data such as enrolled student numbers and graduate numbers as well as workload data are considered.

In the following, we provide the accreditation certificates of the Faculty of Life Sciences:

In the following, we provide the accreditation certificates of the Faculty of Health Sciences:

In the following, we provide the accreditation certificates of the 
Faculty Art, Health and Social Science:

State-wide professional recognition of certain degrees

In some professional fields, a state-wide professional recognition is of utmost importance for the successful job entry after completion of the studies. This is especially relevant in the field of social work. With the officially recognized recognition of the profession, the graduate will be recognized in his/her professional standing. As such specific rights and laws may apply.

By the law of professional job recognitions, the degree Social Work (B.A.) at MSH Medical School will, after successful completion, lead to a state-wide recognition as Social Educator / Social Worker and officially allow the graduate to carry the relevant title.

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