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Study Program Sports Science: Performance Diagnostics and Training Control (Master of Science)

Faculty of Health Sciences (University of Applied Sciences)

The Master's program in Sports Science with a focus on performance diagnostics and training control builds on the foundational knowledge of sports science. The admission requirement for the four-semester Master's program is therefore a Bachelor's degree in Sports Science or a related field.

The key objective of the Master's program is to impart comprehensive skills for performance diagnostics as well as for planning and controlling the training process. Students apply scientific and application-oriented methods. Sub-disciplines such as movement science, biomechanics, sports medicine and sport psychology complement the degree. The MSH Master's program in Sports Science (M.Sc.) makes repeated reference to competitive sports, while also considering other fields of application such as recreational- and fitness sports.

With a degree in Sports Science (M.Sc.), graduates prove that they are deeply involved and knowledgeable in sports science. Since they are highly qualified, both theoretically and practically, their chances for landing a management position in the sports industry are high. 

The program is state-recognized. The professional accreditation has already been passed and is almost complete.

  • Course Content and Structure
  • Admission Requirements
  • Career Prospects

Course Content and Structure

In the Master's program in Sports Science, you will deepen your skills and knowledge in the diverse field of sports science. One focus is on performance diagnostics and training control. Topics from the fields of movement science, biomechanics, sports medicine and sport psychology form an elementary part of the curriculum. 

The Master's program in Sports Science is divided into four, full-time semesters. Within the parameters of diagnostic procedure, students learn to collect and analyze data and make interdisciplinary decisions and forecasts for the training process. In addition to status quo analyses, the overarching topic is understood and conveyed as interdisciplinary and integrative training control through continuous stress management and the monitoring of physiological and psychological indicators. In this context, students learn to design and advise the training process based on findings from continuous diagnostics, and to further develop and scientifically evaluate the training methodology. 

Theoretical knowledge is consolidated with practical modules on the topics of diagnostics and training control as well as functional training. A 20-week mandatory internship in a competitive sport setting completes the Master's program. The practical sections not only bring action into theory, but also create optimal conditions for job entry straight after graduation.

Admission Requirements

What are the entry requirements for admission into the Master's program in Sports Science: focus on performance diagnostics and training control?

Studying at MSH Medical School Hamburg is numerus-clausus free. For us, performance, talent, motivation and discipline count more than the final grade point average on your high school diploma. Punctuality, good performance and commitment during your studies are of greater importance.

With this degree, we aim to reach students with a Bachelor's degree in sports science or a related discipline. Applicants should have an affinity for the scientific context of sports and see their professional future in diagnostic as well as training-scientific positions.

Personal requirements
First-year students should have the following knowledge and interests: 

  • Profound interest in competitive sports or related fields of application, e.g. proven by personal sporting experience as an athlete or coach.
  • Special interest in research questions and affinity for medical topics
  • Pleasure in scientific work in the laboratory and practical training work
  • Initial knowledge of statistical methods
  • Good command of English language

Legal requirements 

  • Eligibility to study in Master's programs in accordance with §39 of the Hamburg University Act (HmbHG)
  • A successfully completed, relevant Bachelor's degree in sports science or a related field including physiotherapy, with at least 180 ECTS points (European Credit Transfer System). As a rule, 70 ECTS points of the Bachelor's program must be oriented towards sports science. Partial lack of basic sports science knowledge can be bridged with additional modules of the Bachelor's program in Sports Science

Career Prospects

Our graduates of the Master's program in Sports Science are experts in performance diagnostics and training control. They are ideally prepared for dealing with professional athletes and the various tasks in clubs, performance and Olympic training centers. With their professional expertise, they can pursue a range of different career paths in the sports sector, although their qualifications are predominantly in demand in the area of competitive sports.

Areas of application

  • Diagnostic, training scientific and consulting activities in top sports associations and at Olympic and competitive training centers
  • Scientific coordination between top sports associations, scientific and service institutions 
  • Cooperation in the coaching or organizational staff of clubs or top sports associations (e.g. as training scientist, sports scientific director, athletics trainer, trainer in junior sports centers)
  • Organizational development in sports institutions and clubs
  • Talent scouting in clubs and top sports associations
  • Sports science diagnostics with commercial providers 
  • Game analyst in clubs or top sports associations (competition analyses, scouting)
  • Sports scientific diagnostics and training control in clinics 
  • Research activities at universities and other colleges

The course also offers graduates access to a scientific career in the field of training and movement science as well as sports medicine.

Quick overview

Study commencement date
01. October (WS)

Study Duration
Part-time / 5 semesters

Study Fees
550 Euro / month

Enrolment fees
One-off payment: 100 Euro

Master of Science

Field of work
› Clinics
› Rehabilitation facilities
› Medical practices
› Companies in the healthcare sector
› Top sports associations
› Organizational development in sports institutions
› Talent scouting
› Game analyst
› Competition analyses
› Scouting
› Universities and colleges

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