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Research profile

Interdisciplinarity and interprofessionalism

The current challenges of the healthcare sector require an interdisciplinary approach from all actors involved and the different professional groups are required to collaborate closely in their field of expertise. Against this background, the MSH fulfills its teaching and research mandate in providing interprofessional teams from various professional groups  in healthcare system, i.e. psychologists and psychotherapists, sports scientists, therapy and nursing professions, social educators, health managers and physicians. A unique selling point of bridging the gap between the departments are our targeted research structures rooted in interdisciplinary research institutes. This gives us in-depth flexibility for scientific innovation which can be implemented in the constantly changing research market and allows us to respond on time to social developments in the healthcare sector. 

Exchange and networking 

MSH promotes the interdisciplinary and interprofessional exchange of its researchers through physical proximity and diverse forums for collegial exchange - be it the cross-working group communication of the research institutes, the formation of networks within the university network or the interdisciplinary cooperation in working groups for the strategic development of the university. 

Promotion of early career researchers 

MSH gives great importance to the promotion of its emerging researchers. The topic of competitiveness is at the heart of the wide range of qualification options: doctoral students are supported in research colloquia to deepen their knowledge of research methods in their doctoral projects; postdocs receive support in preparding grant applications, they get support to enhance their presentation skills and receive tips on improving their publication profile. All researchers can expand their teaching skills in the field of university didactics. In addition, MSH also looks after the economic security of research-based career paths: Building on reliable and fair working conditions and scholarships, we create financially safe qualification phases from which both the early career researchers and the research profile of the MSH will benefit. 

Modern research facilities and equipment 

MSH has built a research center supplied with modern equipment and the latest technology in the immediate vicinity of the famous concert hall, the Elbphilharmonie. The new facilities include a multifunctional competence center for performance-physiological research and treatment at the interface between sports science, human medicine, physiotherapy and neuroscience; a molecular biology research landscape for life science- and translational research; and cognitive and affective neuroscience research laboratories. These facilities are supported by a modern data and server infrastructure and by well-staffed working groups. 

Flexible structures 

MSH meets the requirements of different funding organizations with its flexible structure: on the one hand, there are interdisciplinary institutes for research projects; on the other hand, there are legally independent institutes for contract research. In addition, the university has created a close tie between research, teaching and practice - e.g. through affiliated training institutes for psychological psychotherapy and systemic coaching or through university outpatient clinics for psychotherapeutic and sports medicine treatment and research. 

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