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Experimental Psychology Labs

A center for psychological-neuroscientific research

The Experimental Psychology Labs offer opportunities to explore all facets of human information processing, from sensory-perceptual stimulus reception and basic action control to higher thought and language processes as well as motivational-emotional functionality. 

The Institute for Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (ICAN) has an optimal infrastructure of laboratory space and high-quality technical equipment for carrying out experimental psychological research with precise recording of behavioral and neurophysiological measures. The Experimental Psychology Labs is equipped with various soundproof cabins with identical hardware and software equipment for individual tests under standardized survey conditions.

The technical equipment includes modular systems for recording EEG activity, responses of the autonomic nervous system and eye movements. Classic experimental setups with the specification of visual or auditory stimuli as well as brain stimulation and peripheral stimulation procedures, including laser technology, are used. In addition, there are lab facilities for stress induction as well as for taking and storing biochemical samples. MRI and fMRI data can be acquired from the Helios Kliniken Schwerin (Helios Clinics). 

A selection of our equipment & devices 

  • 64/32 channel EEG recording systems 
  • Peripheral physiology recording system 
  • Eye movement camera 
  • Facilities for stress induction procedures 
  • DC stimulator for tDCS and tACS 


The Experimental Psychology Labs use the following measurement methods: 

  • Response Time Survey 
  • Psychophysiological Survey 
  • Eye movement measurement 
  • Stress induction and diagnostics 
  • Brain stimulation and peripheral stimulation

Scientific Management

Prof. Dr. habil. Tilo Strobach
[Translate to English:] Prof. Dr. habil. Mike Wendt
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