The key content covers topics of different degrees of abstraction, from elementary processes of sensory-perceptual stimulus processing and mechanisms of basic action control to higher thinking and language functions as well as emotional-motivational influences and their regulation. Of particular interest here are questions of flexible coordination of mental activity through executive functions, reconfiguration and attention control to achieve goal-directed adaptive behavior, and stress reactivity and regulation. In addition, investigations into sensory stimulus processing on a peripheral and central level with a focus on pain are in focus. 

The methodological approach of the research stream ensures the highest level of control of confounding factors through experimental laboratory research and includes the analysis of behaviour-based measures of performance, psychophysiological and neurophysiological parameters. 

Specific research fields 

  • Stress, emotion- and pain processing 
  •  Executive functions 
  •  Cognitive and sensory plasticity 
  •  Affective and motivational regulation 
  •  Cortical integration of sensory stimuli 
  •  Clinical Neurophysiology, Psychiatry
  • German