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Effects of extra-curricular physical activity sessions in children on the EEG-activity patterns during cognitive tasks

A limited number of longitudinal studies has examined the relationship between physical activity and cognitive performance during childhood. Some studies provide insight into this relationship, but little is known on the mode of action. There is a specific need for more research on the content of physical activity programs. Some animal studies indicate that different physical activity interventions may influence the metabolism of the brain. Based on this information, we seek to compare the long-term effects of different physical activity programs on brain activity patterns during cognitive tasks in primary school-aged children.

Another DFG Research project carried out at MSH titled »Extra-curricular physical activity in the school-setting: effects on cognitive performance, emotional well-being and steroid hormones« has been added with additional EEG-measurements during the performance of cognitive tasks. Within this new project, we prepare, analyze and publish the data.

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