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Sensory perception aid in rescue services: a project with the Björn-Steiger-Foundation

In line with the initiative »Baby-rescue services« our »Institute for Subjective Experience and Research (ISER)« of the Björn-Steiger-Foundation presents a module on sensory perception aid and health for medical and nursing staff of the neonatologic and pediatric intensive care units. The module aims to enhance and strengthen the interaction between aid service personnel and newborns, aid service personnel itself and the immediate environment such as the parents of the newborns. Furthermore, the institute supports medical- and nursing staff in health promoting services with stressful situations.

Key content of the module:

Individual consultation of medical- and nursing staff with Ergosoma, to stimulate the physical self-regulation mechanisms of aid services and their self-perception. Besides, workshops are offered to promote emphatic perception- and decision-making skills through contemplative coordination- and focus exercises. Workshops also focus on the dialogue and interactive design with different aesthetic media tools. The introduction of the module comes with a research study to ensure the actual use and sustainability of the module.


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Duration: current (duration un-determined)

Principal Investigator: Professor Peter Sinapius

Funding body: Björn Steiger Foundation


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