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Research at MSH

Our work at MSH is characterized by an interdisciplinary and inter-professional standard in teaching, research and professional development. Under the umbrella of interdisciplinary health research we see research as the collaboration of health economics, psychologists, lawyers, educators, physicians, social scientists, health- and natural scientists as well as other related disciplines and an integrative perspective on the field of health and medicine. 

At MSH, you encounter a broad range of research topics. To pool these different research projects and to work on key ventures of the future, we have developed research clusters.


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How important really is research for a successful academic institute?

Research is a fundamental part and quality feature of our academic institute. The institute features excellent professors and lecturers, interesting research projects and long-lasting cooperations and is involved in uncovering the latest research findings. Based on these features, MSH carries out national and international research projects.

Research guidelines

Our research culture is based around the following four guiding principles:

  • The interdisciplinary approach warrants a cross faculty- and departmental organization and conduct of research, merges approaches of different disciplines and partners and involves students in research activities

  • A practical-, problem-solving approach ensures the investigation into current and future societal fields of research

  • We work with innovative research designs and focus on high-quality research that is strong in conceptional- , translational- and publication standards

  • Meeting the research guidelines of excellent academic integrity in all levels and promoting these guidelines from early onwards warrants a free, independent and reflective research practice at our University.
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