Datum: 26.06.2019
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Quality Assurance in Research

Research and Innovation Support Office

The Research and Innovation Support Office provides a range of programs and services to support our researchers at MSH Medical School Hamburg.

With distinct interdisciplinary emphasis, and trans-university coordination, these services provide support for research activities at MSH Medical School Hamburg, MSB Medical School Berlin and BSP Business School Berlin to facilitate the maturing and continuous development of joint research communities.

The Research and Innovation Support Office aims to:

  • Make research data bases on external research grants available (nationally and internationally) (e.g. ELFI and other public data bases)
  • Provide consultation services for Professors, doctoral students and academic staff to discuss research activities and research grant writing plans
  • Provide input for content-related and personal synergies between Universities and Professors
  • Provide external funding administration services
  • Support emerging researchers on research funding options
  • Plan and prepare research seminars
  • Monitor the adherence of guidelines on high-quality academic practice

Internal Ethic Committee at MSH

Since 2016, MSH has established an internal ethics committee. The role of this committee is to provide an ethical oversight of research involving humans and to actively and strategically support researchers at MSH. Currently, these research activities mainly take place in the psychological and psychotherapeutic research streams.

Good Scientific Practice

MSH is obliged to translate the principles of academic integrity, as presented by the commission “Self-control in Research” by the German Research Foundation in its »Vorschläge zur Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis« paper (equiv. »Suggestions on assurance of good scientific practice«).

Based on these suggestions, MSH has developed guidelines for academic integrity, which have been adopted by the Academic Senate. 

To sensitize and qualify students in regards to these quality features, it is of utmost importance to MSH that we equip students with the necessary scientific-methodological skills: research methods is a core module in our different degrees. From early onwards, students learn to incorporate research processes, -structures and –methods into their academic career. For subsequent activities in research and teaching, it is indispensable to acquire these research skills by writing research reports, project- bachelor or master thesis’s.