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Scholarship programme

The scholarship programme of MSH does not only give options to apply for a (partial) waiver of study fees, but you can also apply for part-time scholarships/stipends, e.g.

  • Travel costs or application fees for active participation in academic conferences
  • Costs arising from research projects, such as data collection or research activities
  • Publication fees for the publication of your own academic work

Key selection criteria for these funds is the clear demonstration of your financial need, your motivation and MSH’s benefit of funding your activities. Applications can be submitted throughout the semester to the registrar’s office.

Doctoral scholarship

Based on individual university cooperations, you can undertake doctoral degrees in our institute. In order to give doctoral students the necessary financial support so that they can fully concentrate on their doctoral research, MSH provides doctoral scholarships. Scholars receive a monthly contribution to aid with living expenses. Applications for this scholarship include an abstract and a timeline.

The scholarship is available for generally two years. Based on the application and a detailed explanation, the scholarship can be extended thereafter.  

Contact person:

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