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Promoting emerging researchers at MSH

For us, emerging researchers are key for the scientific and societal state of knowledge. They are the engines of innovative thought processes and of explorative advancement in their technical disciplines. At the same time, emerging researchers are much needed in order to fill the future demand on highly qualified staff in the modern knowledge-based economy.

Therefore, MSH understands the support and promotion of emerging researchers as a core objective. From the very first day of studies, our students are supported throughout their academic career.

Aims of our emerging researcher support include:

  • To increase the attractiveness of an academic career and to inform about the different career options

  • To support students during the transition period towards an academic career

  • To support international competitiveness and mobility of emerging researchers

  • To enhance competitive chances based on cross-professional skills and expertise

  • To achieve equality during the career development of emerging researchers

  • To develop the students’ professional qualification through the involvement into research projects
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