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Research cluster at the MSH

With the challenges of the 21st century, health research is becoming increasingly important. The questions of health research can only be solved across disciplines and institutions with a long-term perspective. Important keywords such as prevention of common diseases, digitization of medicine, holistic medicine, individualized medicine and innovations for humans in scientific and media focus.

Bundling of research activities

The MSH is characterized by a wide range of research topics. In order to bundle these research activities and to work on important topics of the future, research clusters were formed. The research clusters cover scientific areas, topics and issues of current and medium-term relevance, approaches to various disciplines, existing potentials and focus on scientific issues that should be examined using a variety of discipline-specific methodologies. A research cluster thus requires the interaction of different disciplines and the parallel processing of different projects with the same core topic.

The research clusters are used to form thematic units that give access to health science and medical research questions.

The content-related, personal and structural consolidation of the disciplines should serve the goal of interdisciplinary research and interprofessional exchange, which should be considered using and interdisciplinary integration of discipline-specific methodologies.

An overview of the research cluster at the MSH

We examine health-related effects of high performance athletes as well as the health enhancing effects of physical activity.

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In particular, we analyze the systems of stress and emotion regulation, the reward sensitivity and anticipation as well as the attention and action control in their interaction.

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We identify the conditions for good mental health to prevent psychological disorders and illnesses that threaten your health. Another goal is the research, description and diagnosis of mental disorders and mental illnesses.

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We focus on the interactions of humans and the environment. Another focus is on art and coping.

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Our aim is to investigate in and support the utilization and implementation of the ICF in Germany.

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We investigate innovative approaches in the medical care of the elderly and targeted prevention of age-related diseases.

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