Datum: 17.09.2021
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Research at the MSH

The research profile of the MSH

The profile of the MSH is characterized by consistently interdisciplinary and interprofessional aspirations in teaching, research and scientific further education. Under the umbrella of interdisciplinary health research, we see research as the collaboration of health economists, psychologists, lawyers, educators, physicians, social scientists, health and natural scientists as well as other related disciplines and thus an integrative perspective on the field of health and medicine.

What role does research play for a successful university?

Research is an elementary component and quality characteristic of our university. It is made of excellent researchers and teaching staff, interesting research topics and sustainable cooperation as well as relevant research findings. From this point of view, MSH carries out research projects on a national and international level.

The MSH covers a wide range of research topics. To bundle research topics and to work on important thematic fields in future research cluster have been introduced.

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MSH researchers are involved in externally funded and self-financed research projects, they publish research findings in peer-revied journals and they represent MSH at international and national academic conferences.