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Offers for students

The MSH has been pursuing the goal of promoting scientific careers from the first day of study. In addition to the establishment and continuous further development of undergraduate and consecutive Bachelor's and Master's programs, the promotion of young scientists is also a central component of our range of services.

In particular, students benefit from extracurricular qualification offers that improve their competitiveness in pursuing a scientific career, offer a view beyond their own specialist tradition and promote networking in the scientific community.

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Workshop-Programm des Career Centers

Promotion of interdisciplinary and scientific competencies in the workshop program of the Career Center

The MSH Career Center offers a range of courses to help you strengthen your scientific and methodological skills.

All courses are offered across all degree programs and are open to undergraduate and graduate students. Registration for the course offers is possible via our intra-university Intranet TraiNex.

Studium fundamentale

Studium fundamentale

The »Studium fundamentale« is a central instrument of the interdisciplinary university concept of the MSH. It is not just about the primary acquisition of knowledge, but about comprehensive competencies that include trying out, lateral thinking and openness to new: In addition to the specific competences of a study program, the study fundamental skills to impart the students basic skills, expand their educational horizons and they in the Promote development of their personality. An offer of non-specialist and interdisciplinary event formats extends the general education and provides orientation knowledge, it deepens the understanding of science and culture and bridges the gap between the individual disciplines. It provides insights into the methodology and problem-solving strategies of other disciplines, thus promoting the critical acquisition of knowledge, the reflection on how to deal with knowledge, and the ability to classify expertise into new contexts. The Studium fundamentale thus has a high potential for integration and is a practiced practice of the interdisciplinary university concept.

The course program of the Studium fundamentale covers the four areas of competence:    

  • Reflexive competence: how does science work? What is scientific thinking? What are the conditions and limits of your own thinking? How is human thinking influenced culturally, socially, politically and economically?     
  • Communicative competence: Translation of the WHAT in science into a HOW of mediation. How to use body, voice, sound, gestures, facial expressions or media? How are discourses guided and shaped?     
  • Artistic-creative competence: Which creative and creative expression possibilities do we have? How can we take advantage of them?     
  • Interdisciplinary competence: How do interdisciplinary solutions look for answers to the questions of an increasingly complex world?

The courses are designed in such a way that all course offers are open to students of all courses of study - irrespective of Bachelor's or Master's level.

Forschungspreis an der MSH

Research Award of the MSH

Research award for outstanding theses

Outstanding scientific achievements are repeatedly made by MSH students. To honor these achievements, the MSH Department of Research Promotion and Innovation awards a research prize for highly-qualified bachelor's and master's theses as well as doctoral theses, research reports or publications twice a year. The criterion for the award of this prize is the outstanding quality of the scientific work, which represents innovative and forward-looking research approaches and/or exploratively opens up new fields of research. The prize will be awarded at the opening ceremony of the following semester. You can win a congress participation in a German congress (congress fee, travel and accommodation costs) or 300 Euro.

Application guidelines

Please attach the following documents in simple form to your application:     

  • the research work or a publication resulting from it     
  • an opinion from the candidate. The opinion should be comprehensible to a lay person and include the following criteria: relevance to the department or society; Originality; Strengths/weaknesses of one's own work; Methodology and results     
  • a letter of recommendation from an expert on the following criteria (the letter of recommendation can be sent separately): relevance for the department or society; Originality; Strengths/weaknesses of work; Methodology and results

The selection committee, consisting of the Vice Rector for Research, Prof. Dr. med. Astrid Junge and Prof. Lucia Rainer (Professor of Aesthetics). Further information about the research prize, FAQs and the winners of the last semester can be found here.



Scholarship program

The MSH scholarship program not only offers you the opportunity to apply for a (partial) tuition fee. You can also apply for support in the form of a short-term scholarship, for example for     

  • Travel expenses or registration fees for active participation in scientific congresses,     
  • Costs incurred if you carry out data surveys or research of particular relevance as part of your own research project,     
  • Publication grants, for the publication of own scientific papers.

The central selection criterion is the conclusive presentation of your needs, your motivation and the benefits of a grant for the MSH. Applications can be submitted to the examination office on an ongoing basis.

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