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VBG – Designing accessibility

Latest mobile information- and communication technologies offer various chances for enterprises and employees – but risks are also associated with these novel technologies. A frequently discussed phenomenon is the obligation of permanent accessibility before and after regular work hours (permanent accessibility). Whilst the increase in permanent accessibility somehow brings individual flexibility, studies continue to show negative correlations between permanent accessibility and health indicators. More specific analysis indicate that these negative effects can be quite distinct in different individuals. Research shows that a number of basic parameters and design characteristics of accessibility may reinforce or lessen health hazardous effects.

This project builds on the above mentioned findings and proposes an intervention concept that contains a systematic analysis of critical characteristics of accessibility and an approach on a health promoting design of accessibility. In line with this project, the proposed concept will be tested and examined in 10-13 enterprises or divisions of the institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention in the administrative sector. Findings will lead to the development of practical guidelines for enterprises. This guideline will include an analysis instrument and an analysis tool, along with applicable design and support suggestions for specific situations.

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