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The configuration of working hours and the coordination of role expectations in different life circumstances are key aspects of a futuristic working society. Stress-related issues and conformability challenges of the working population do not only emerge at the workplace, but are also generated, intensified or lowered through the interaction of environmental factors. These environmental factors – specific for individual regions – coin the attractiveness of a region.

The interdisciplinary project Lebenszeit 4.0 investigates in the occupational-, familiar- and other living environmental factors of a region, where time-related stress for the working population emerges.

We use the city of Flensburg (northern Germany) and its surrounding region Schleswig-Flensburg as our model, a region that represents many characteristic features of Germany. Based on the findings of surveys on employees and their dependents, and based on certain physiological measures, concepts for the specific workplace settings are developed by regional partners of the municipal administration and their social services. These concepts aim to reduce (non-)workplace-related and regional-related stress factors. These concepts are then translated and evaluated in and with the different workplaces. The aim is to develop a generalizable best-practice model on the holistic handling of time-related stress factors.

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