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ICF Mapping Section 3

Duration of study: 2018 - 2021

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. med. phil. Liane Simon

Employees in the project: Sven Kottysch and 2 student assistants (Julia Paulsen and Alexander Mevs)

ICF Mapping follows and accompanies the implementation of the ICF in German early intervention centers.

For this purpose, all early childhood recruiting centers are asked annually to participate in a corresponding online survey. An accompanying focus group was conducted to uncover barriers and supportive factors in the implementation.

From the focus group the following aspects should be further addressed:

1. Attitude Change

2. Interdisciplinary Culture
with the sub-topics: fears, stress, joy, fun, appreciation, interdisciplinary cooperation (see: Summary Content Analysis ICF Project Focus Group)

This leads to the following question: How does interdisciplinary collaboration develop in teams conducting ICF based case discussions?  


Analogous to the federal states in which the focus group participants work, three early intervention centers are searched from Hamburg, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia.

An observation of a case discussion, a short survey of the participants of the case discussion as well as a survey of the case applicants should be carried out.


  • Speaking part of the individual participants              
  • Expression of positive feelings/topic               
  • Questions about the professional opinion of other participants               
  • Utterances of ignorance/uncertainty              
  • Exchange of expertise               
  • Methodical procedure in the case discussion 

Short survey:               

  • To evaluate the cooperation  


  • Motivation to introduce the case               
  • Frequency of presenting own cases               
  • What added value does this have for the case nominee?               
  • Describe the path from the introduction of the ICF to today's groove         
  • In-depth inquiries at mention of emotions

Time schedule:

Creation Poster WHO Conference

Development of a short survey, observation criteria and a guide interview

Creation Presentation VIFF-Symposium Leipzig

Video recording (test), test run and search for Master students for the assignment of MA papers

Revision of mail addresses FF posts, revision of online questionnaire regarding attitude / coding

Creation Poster WHO Conference

Online survey

Evaluation Online survey
Search for early intervention centers in Bavaria, Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia

Master Thesis Hamburg, Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia

Creation poster for ICF-AWK

Comparison of the results in connection with the results of the focus group and the online surveys


October 2018
Publication Results Descriptive Online Survey 2018, WHO-FIC Annual Meeting

March 2019
Symposion VIFF Results Online Survey 2017 & 2018, lecture and article

October 2019
WHO-FIC annual meeting, information on the implementation of the ICF

March 2020
ICF User Conference Munich, current results on the implementation of the ICF in Germany

Prof. Dr. phil. Liane Simon
Professor for Transdisciplinary Early Intervention
Head of Department, Family, Child and Social Work

Fon: 040.361 226 49550
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