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ICF Mapping Section 2

Research project on the implementation of the ICS in Early Intervention centers in Germany

After completion of the first research phase in March 2017, section 2 of the ICF Mapping research project examines the following questions:

  • Which early intervention centers in Germany use the ICF classification?
  • How and for what reason is ICF in early intervention centers being used?
  • What experiences have been made by using ICF?
  • What is the early intervention staff’s training demand?

The following steps are projected to take place

  1. Expert round discussion (April 2017)
  2. Brief survey handed out to all directors of early intervention centers (May 2017)
  3. Online survey handed out to all early intervention experts in Germany (November 2017)


Prof. Dr. phil. Liane Simon
Professor for Transdisciplinary Early Intervention
Head of Department, Family, Child and Social Work

Fon: 040.361 226 49550
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