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Evaluation project »Art and Health« in cooperation with the STADTKULTUR network Bayerischer Städte e.V.

In 2018, the nationwide network STADTKULTUR collectively organizes an art festival under the theme »Art and Health« with 20 communal members involved. The festival examines and utilizes the potential of artistic project- and cultural work for health promoting environments. As the scientific evidence on the relationship between art and health promotion in communal cultural work is scarce and not well established, we aim to fill this gap in order to provide options for the further development of different approaches in cultural work.

For this reason, STADTKULTUR Netzwerk Bayerischer Städte e.V. cooperates with the Department Art, Society and Health at MSH Medical School Hamburg. The research team meets the required interdisciplinary skills needed for this unique piece of work bordering art and health promotion, as well as art and system development. The aim of the scientific approach is

  • To identify quality characteristics of cultural work bordering art and health promotion
  • To develop ideas and conceptions on the establishment of such cultural work
  • To utilize existing resources for the realization of the work
  • To evaluate current projects
  • To develop new approaches

Experts for the cultural work are community representatives. The scientific monitoring of the project aims to reveal and harness existing resources.

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