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Academic support services for the nation-wide systematization of the SIEGEL-assessment criteria

The career choice SIEGEL is a nation-wide certification process that awards schools with excellent study- and career orientation services and supports these in line with the SIEGEL-processes with the systematic improvement of their study- and career orientation services.

In line with the project, a structured content-analytical evaluation of the different SIEGEL criteria catalogue was performed. Based on the findings, a systematization of the relevant criteria was carried out leading to an overarching concept to serve as a coherent quality model for scholarly career orientation.

In a second step, the revision of the 27 partaking regions took place: adjustment to the quality model with simultaneous ensuring of regional specifics and the relevant state requirements.

In the third step, we collect and analyze evaluation measures that have explicitly and implicitly been formulated on the basis of the assessment process and are analyzed using subjective theory. Findings provide the basis for the development of a nationwide schooling concept for jury members with the aim to achieve a systemization and professionalization of the subjective theory for the successful career orientation. From 2017 onwards, an evaluation of the revised SIEGEL procedure will take place.


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