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MSH Research Awards Summer Semester 2017

During the opening ceremony for our new students in summer semester 2017, MSH awarded Research Awards for academic excellence.

1. Price for outstanding thesis

Katja Gutschke

The first price for an outstanding thesis has been awarded to Katja Gutschke. She presented a Bachelor thesis in psychology titled »An overwhelming desire to be blind – Similarities and differences between body integrity identity disorder and the wish for blindness«.

In her thesis, Katja Gutschke, examined a rare disorder picture in which the affected individuals desire blindness. Her work is currently being published in the academic journal »Case Reports in Ophthalmology«. This first price is remunerated with 300 Euro.

Supporting and growing emerging researchers

Lea Lindmeier

We received many outstanding and excellent submissions. Therefore, the selection committee decided to also award a price for the 2nd price which is shared by two awardees. The price is remunerated with 150 Euro.

The 2nd price is awarded to Lea Lindmeier for her Bachelor thesis titled »Künstlerische Interventionen im Unternehmen – Förderung von kreativem und innovativem Denken und Handeln bei jungen Auszubildenden und Studenten mit dem Ziel einer erfolgreichen Führungs- und Unternehmenskultur« (equiv. Artistic interventions in enterprises – building creative and innovative thought and action in young trainees and students with the aim of creating a long-lasting managerial and workplace culture).

Furthermore, the 2nd awardee of the 2nd price is Sebastian Runge for his Master thesis (Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy) thesis titled »Methoden zu softwaregestützten Analyse von Zeitreihen in der psychologischen Forschungspraxis« (equiv. Methods for software-based analysis of time lines in psychological research practice).

Congratulations to all awardees!

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