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Doctoral students and scientific staff

Graduate School at MSH

The doctorate is the starting point of every scientific career. It is the only degree recognized worldwide both in the academic sector and in business. Services for doctoral students are therefore an important component in the development of young researchers at MSH.

The Graduate School is the central service facility of MSH for the support of young researchers.  

It informs, promotes and connects doctoral students, scientific staff and postdocs at the university and supports lecturers in the individual promotion of young researchers.

A structured doctoral program is assigned to the Graduate School, in which the specific competencies of this qualification phase are promoted. The young researchers are optimally trained for an academic career path and for university management positions.

Individual counseling offer for students in master's courses 

How can I do a doctorate? Is research something for me? What career paths are there in research?

We offer individual advice on these and similar questions for scientifically interested students in master's courses. Please call us for a telephone consultation. You are also welcome to arrange a personal appointment.

PhD program

he establishment of a partially structured, 6-semester doctoral program in which doctoral processes are coordinated, promoted and supported is a long-term goal of the MSH. The doctoral program summarized here represents the pilot phase of a future doctoral study program in which program components will be made accessible to doctoral candidates who are already doing research at the MSH. The doctoral program is aimed at doctoral candidates who are working on individual projects, in qualification positions at the MSH or in third-party funded projects at the MSH.

The doctoral program is aimed at:

  • Scientific staff in a qualification position at MSH
  • Scientific staff at MSH in a research project financed by third-party funds
  • Associated doctoral students with doctoral supervisors at the university
  • Doctoral candidates from other universities who are interested in the program components offered
  • The doctoral program at the MSH is repeated over a period of 6 semesters and includes the following courses*:

M1         Scientific Publishing
M2         Scientific presentation skills
M3         Leadership and management skills
M4         University Didactics I
M5         University Didactics II 
M6         University Didactics III 
M7         M6 University Didactics III 
M8         Subject-specific research methods
M9         Design Thinking/ Research Design
M10       Application and ethics application
M11       Funding and controlling in research projects
M12       Journal Club
doctoral colloquium

*Subject to change, updated once a year at the beginning of the winter semester for the following academic year. 

PhD scholarship

In order to give doctoral students in this qualification phase the economic security to be able to focus fully on their doctoral work, the MSH awards doctoral scholarships from the university's own budget upon application. Note that there is no legal entitlement to a doctoral scholarship. 

Scholarship recipients receive a monthly stipend towards living expenses. The application can be made by submitting an abstract and a time schedule. 

The duration of the funding is initially two years. The scholarship can then be extended on the basis of an application and a detailed report 

Right to award doctorates at the MSH

The MSH does not currently have its own right to award doctorates. Many graduates of the MSH and other universities have been doing their doctorates at our university for years in cooperation with universities that have the right to confer doctorates. An application for the right to award doctorates at the MSH is being planned. 

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