Datum: 29.02.2024
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Emerging researchers

Supporting emerging researchers at MSH

Young researchers contribute decisively to our scientific and social knowledge. They are engines of innovative and critical thinking thought and expand their specialist disciplines. At the same time, young researchers are a prerequisite  to cover the future need for highly qualified specialists in the modern knowledge society. 
Supporting emerging researchers is a key concern of the MSH. We sees it as a cross-sectional task in which all structural levels of the university are involved. The funding measures are intertwined and range from students of all degrees to professors.

The goals of our emerging researcher support are

  • to increase the attractiveness of scientific careers and to provide information about the various options and paths, 
  • to support students and postgraduates in transitional phases of their academic careers, 
  • to promote the international competitiveness and mobility of young researchers, 
  • to improve competitive opportunities also on the basis of cross-professional skills and expertise, 
  • to implement equal opportunities in the career development of young researchers, 
  • promoting the professional qualification of students by involving them in research projects.
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