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How does the admission procedure work?

Study Course Human Medicine (State Examination)
Faculty of Human Sciences (University)

The selection of study places is decided by a selection committee of the MSH. The basis for this is a three-stage selection process consisting of a written medical test, a group discussion with case simulation and a one-on-one interview. The formal fulfillment of the higher education entrance qualification as well as the submission of the complete application documents, in particular the motivation letter, are prerequisites for being admitted to the admission procedure. Relevant practical experience or a preliminary study in medical subjects have a particularly positive effect on the application process.

The written test as part of the admission procedure

In a 90-minute written test, basic scientific knowledge is predominantly examined by means of multiple-choice questions from the fields of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. For reasons of comparability, all applicants must complete MSH's internal medical test. Unfortunately, external testing such as the Medical Study Course (TMS) test can not be accepted. The results of the written test will be included in the decision on approval by 25 percent. However, you should not rely on insisting on the following sections of the selection process. This bill could not work. Do your best in the test and prepare well.

We would like to get to know you personally: The interviews within the framework of the admission procedure

The interviews include a 20-minute interview and a 30-minute case simulation, conducted as a group discussion. In addition to subject-specific questions, the applicants are given the opportunity to prove their personal aptitude, motivation and resilience for the medical studies. Aspects such as social commitment as well as training, already completed degree programs or previous experience in health professions are also taken into account here. The case simulation in the group and the interview are used to 75 percent in the decision-making to enroll the candidate in the study program.

Your Application

  • Fully completed and signed application for authorization     
  • CV and two recent passport photos     
  • University entrance qualification-certificate     
  • Copy of identity card (front and back), foreign students identity card     
  • If applicable, proof of completed vocational training, previous work or social commitment   
  • Study book or graduation certificate if the applicant has already studied at other universities      
  • Letter of motivation (max 4 DIN-A4-pages):
    • Which cornerstones of your previous development and which experiences motivate you to study medicine?         
    • What is your personal career planning, where should you lead the medical studies, what is your goal?

Note: For the admission of applicants with foreign degrees, all application documents and admission-relevant documents (certificates, Vitas, internship certificates, module descriptions) must be translated into German and these translations must be officially certified. In addition, a »Language German, Level C1« (language level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is required.

Incomplete application documents can not be considered.

Next dates for the digital selection process

January 19 - January 20, 2023

If your application is complete and the formal admission requirements have been met, you will be assigned to the next selection procedure for which places are available.

All participants who have successfully completed the selection process will receive a study place for the next possible semester, depending on availability.

It is generally advisable to apply early. Applicants who only receive their general university entrance qualification after the time of application can take part in the selection process, provided they have successfully passed the Abitur examination.

You can apply here

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