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Study course Human Medicine (State Examination)

Faculty of Human Sciences (University)

Degrees at the Faculty of Medicine (University)  

The Department of Human Medicine is located at the MSH Faculty of Medicine and offers the Human Medicine degree. The faculty has the status of a university. Studying human medicine at MSH complies with the requirements of the German Order Regulating Licences to Practise Medicine.

In addition to the NC-free (equiv. GPA free) university access, studying human medicine at MSH gives every student the chance and the opportunity to successfully complete their medical degree in order to work as a medical doctor in the facilities for outpatient, semi-inpatient or inpatient care. Key determining factors for successfully studying medicine at MSH include a high level of motivation, the willingness to face the demands of the degree and the future profession and its inherent responsibilities. But also the dedication, passion and enjoyment are key factors for successful completion of the degree.  

Studying human medicine at the MSH is characterised by the interdisciplinary and interprofessional university concept. From the first semester onwards, the MSH Medical Teaching Centre focuses and puts weight on a high level of relevance to practice in our students’ future field of work as a medical doctor. At MSH we embrace the concepts of cross-course and cross-faculty projects in teaching, research and care and thus provide decisive impulses for work in interprofessional teams in health care.

As a clinical partner for the practical training of our medical students, the Helios Clinics in Schwerin and the MSH join common structures at the two locations in Hamburg and in Schwerin. Such medical cooperation guarantees the highest level of university education in its teaching, research and care with the highest scientific standards.

Our work at MSH is determined by an interdisciplinary, professional and complex thinking and working culture, striving for innovation and quality, and focusing on motivation and talent. In all our faculties of the university we live a professional and constructive cooperation with the underlying objective of a sustainable growth concept. These principles are of course also an essential part of our cooperation with our clinical partner, the Helios Kliniken Schwerin.

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