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Medical Pedagogy (Master of Education)

Faculty of Human Sciences (University)

There is currently, and will continue to be, a great need for highly qualified teachers at both public and private vocational schools in the healthcare sector. The Master's program Medical Pedagogy at the Faculty of Life Sciences at the MSH offers an adequate range of courses that considers the increasing qualification requirements for teachers in the healthcare system. This is a teacher training course that is clearly oriented on the structure of teacher training programs (Referendariat) and the recommendations of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs for teacher training programs valid throughout Germany. As a graduate, you can work both in health care schools and in the vocational schools of the public school system.

The Master's program Medical Pedagogy is a consecutive program that ties in and builds upon the Bachelor's program in Medical Pedagogy at the MSH Faculty of Health Sciences. Bachelor graduates from other universities must undergo an equivalence test as part of the entrance examination in order to ensure compliance with the KMK requirements for both study phases (Bachelor's and Master's program).      

Our part-time model gives students in the family phase the chance to qualify academically alongside career and family. This plays an important role in the predominantly female- occupied health care system. The Master's program Medical Pedagogy thus makes a decisive contribution to permeability in the educational system (»advancement through education«) and to the mobilization of educational resources through the recruitment of professionals, as well as to gender equality.

  • Course Contents and Structure
  • Admission Requirements
  • Career Prospects

Course Contents and Structure

The Master's program in Medical Pedagogy (M.Ed.) consists of 18 modules assigned to five fields of competence:

In the field of Educational Sciences, students are particularly qualified in vocational and business pedagogy. This includes the modules on domain-specific teaching competence, school and curriculum development, vocational pedagogical research and development competence. Building on the educational science modules in the Bachelor's program, students develop their ability to classify competence-oriented teaching concepts in the structural context of general and vocational didactics, and place the design of vocational teaching and learning processes in relation to the educational demands of vocational learning. 

In addition, students are able to penetrate the institutional and organizational particularities of vocational schools, including those of the healthcare system. Complex concepts for school administration and development are introduced and discussed.

In the area of Professional Specialization, all students first hone their expertise in the fields of oncology and palliative medicine/care, diseases of civilization and advanced age, health-psychological diagnostics, as well as health-psychological and pedagogic interventions. This is based on the fundamentals already learned in the bachelor’s program, especially in the area of health/care sciences. 

These competences are combined in the Master's program to consolidate health-pedagogical expertise. In the subsequent mandatory elective course, students specialize in one of the specialties defined by the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs, either in the field of nursing or health sciences.

The area of Social Sciences, which stands for the general subject within the teacher training structure for vocational schools, comprises the modules Economics, Law and Society, Applied Economics, Micro- and Macrosociology, International Relations, Political Theories and History of Ideas, as well as Didactics and Methodology. In these modules, students further develop their ability to use economic, social and legal concepts and theories to analyze key societal problems. In addition, they learn the complex structures of international politics. They analyze and compare different social systems and are able to locate political science within the context of their studies in social sciences. They also analyze various media and methods from a didactic perspective, evaluate their use on the basis of empirical findings from educational research, and develop specific questions for study and research projects.

The didactically-oriented study course serves the practical deepening and reflection of the competences acquired during the program. The Master's thesis forms the scientific conclusion of the program. If the relevant requirements are met, a successful Master's degree builds the base to pursue a doctorate.

Admission Requirements

What are the admission requirements for the Master's program in Medical Pedagogy?

  • Eligibility to study in a Master's degree program in accordance with §39 of the Hamburg University Act (HmbHG), and
  • Relevant bachelor's degree or equivalent*, and 
  • As a rule, relevant vocational training as evidence of practical professional activity related to the occupational specialty
  • Proof of education for foreign degrees.

For details on the recognition of relevance and practical professional experience, see MSH Admission Regulations.

The Bachelor's program Medical Pedagogy at the MSH Medical School Hamburg forms an ideal basis for the Master's program Medical Pedagogy (M.Ed.), as the study concepts are coordinated.

Admission for Lateral Entrants
The Master's program Medical Pedagogy requires a prior pedagogic Bachelor's degree. However, we are frequently contacted by applicants who have only discovered their interest in matters of education, advanced education and further training in the health professions during the course of their initial studies. We offer you the opportunity to acquire the prerequisites for admission to our Master's program Medical Pedagogy with a Master of Education degree via lateral entry.

If you have completed a relevant Bachelor's program that does not meet the requirements of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs for a teaching post at vocational schools and would like to start with a Master's program, the Master's program Health and Nursing Pedagogy at the Faculty of Health Sciences is just right for you – and a course that you can start immediately.

Talk to us about it. We are there to help.  

Information for lateral entrants as PDF file

Your application

  • Fully completed and signed admission form with curriculum vitae and two current passport photos (name on reverse)
  • Certificate of required previous education with average grade
  • Copy of passport or identity card (front and back), identity card for international students 
  • Evidence of completed vocational training in the form of professional permit and certificate
  • Proof of activities conducted to date,
  • Study book or degree certificate, if the applicant has already studied at other universities





Career Prospects

The primary professional area for graduates of the Master's program in Medical Pedagogy (M.Ed.) is in healthcare schools and vocational schools in the public education sector. The Master's degree in Medical Pedagogy qualifies you to pursue the following activities

  • Practice teacher at health schools (technical schools and vocational schools for health)
  • As teacher for subject-theoretical instruction at state-approved/recognized vocational schools for the health professions, and relevant public vocational schools (initially for acceptance into the Referendariat (practical teacher training), for school management responsibilities
  • In the personnel and organizational development of health care companies
  • In associations, organizations, health insurance funds and other health and social care institutions
  • In the management of inter-professional teams in health and social institutions 

During your studies, you can decide which direction is right for you. We will support you all the way!

Quick overview

Study commencement date
01. October (WS)

Study Duration
Part-time / 6 semesters

Study Fees
495 Euro / month

Enrolment fees
One-off payment: 100 Euro

Specialist didactic-oriented studies

Master of Education

Field of work
› Theory teacher at pubic vocational schools 
› Theory teacher at schools of the health sector (universities and vocational schools for health)
› The personnel and organizational development of health care companies
› Associations, organizations, health insurance funds and other health and social care institutions
› The management of sub-professional teams in health and social facilities
› Research and Teaching / Doctorate

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