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The Study Program of the Department Pedagogy

The Department of Pedagogy at the Faculty of Life Sciences at the MSH offers a Master's degree program in Medical Pedagogy. The aim of this program is to train the teachers who are urgently needed in the health professions at vocational schools or technical colleges in the health care system (Master's program in Medical Pedagogy M.Ed.).

Interdisciplinary training to strengthen inter-professional competences in practical cooperation among the health professions is the guiding principle of the study programs in the Department of Pedagogy and is also a core research topic.

Overview of the study program with focus on Educational Sciences in health professions

The Department of Pedagogy at the Faculty of Life Sciences (University) and the Department of Pedagogy, Nursing and Health at the Faculty of Health Sciences (University of Applied Sciences) cooperate closely in the application of their courses with their focus on educational science. 

The programs in Medical Pedagogy (Bachelor of Arts), Health and Nursing Pedagogy (Master of Arts), Medical Pedagogy (Master of Education) as well as Medical and Health Education (Master of Arts) train highly-qualified teaching staff for a wide variety of courses and tasks in the education and further training of health professionals. 

The Bachelor's degree in Medical Pedagogy qualifies graduates, above all, to assume practical instruction in schools of the healthcare system, as well as its practice facilities (e.g. practical instruction). 

The Master's program in Health and Nursing Pedagogy qualifies graduates to assume activities revolving around theoretical instruction and school management at state-approved or recognized vocational schools for the health professions.

Students wishing to teach at public vocational schools take the Master's program Medical Pedagogy at the Faculty of Human Sciences, with the vocational subjects of Health or Nursing. The acquired Master of Education degree thus fulfils the requirements for access to the Referendariat (practical teacher training), as stipulated by the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs. 

Those wishing to teach at a university, or a University of Applied Sciences, can qualify didactically, as well as in the field of university development, through our Master's program Medical and Health Education, which specializes in advanced, health-related study courses. 

Overview of the study programs of the Department Pedagogy at the Faculty of Life Sciences and Pedagogy, Nursing and Health at the Faculty of Health Sciences
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