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Programme structure Psychology with focus on Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (Master of Science)

Faculty of Life Sciences

The Master degree Psychology with focus on Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy is offered at the Faculty of Life Sciences at MSH Medical School Hamburg. This faculty is an officially state-approved academic institution, equivalent to a University.

The key objective of the Master degree Psychology with focus on Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy is to qualify students with the best possible skills for one of the practical fields in clinical psychology and psychotherapy. We focus on skill acquisition – together with the Bachelor degree in Psychology at a University – needed to enter the psychotherapeutic training. With successful completion of the degree at the Faculty of Life Sciences, you are qualified to progress to this next level of training.

The degree is conceptualized as a full-time degree, lasting four semesters. With completion of the Master of Science, students proof their reflective and critical thinking skills and their ability to independently conduct academic research.

What we offer: a dual Master degree

The Master degrees in Psychology at MSH are conceptualized in a way that graduates of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy can acquire a second degree within only one additional year of study. The Master degrees build on the foundations of professional decision-making and responsibility skills. Study content of this module can be accredited in the second Master degree. Within the duration of two semesters, you acquire technical skills of the chosen second Master degree and you proof your academic skill in the subsequent Master thesis.

You can chose from

Combining studies and research

Key fields of research in Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics at MSH include the diverse fields of psychological research questions and warrant a close connection of teaching and research. The majority of our research projects are clinically related and are attached to the psychotherapeutic academic clinic at MSH.

The psychotherapeutic academic clinic at MSH Medical School Hamburg is an outpatient clinic authorized for teaching and research. The clinic offers services in the field of diagnostics, counselling and treatment.

Full-time studies 

The full-time degree encompasses two calendar years that are composed of four semesters. During lecture times, lectures and seminars take place with usually 24 hours per week. Each semester comprises five months of lecture time and an additional lecture-free months/examination period.

Study fees for the degree are 695,- Euro/month and cover all services needed for the successful completion of the degree (lectures, seminars, assessments, examinations, facilities, support, administrative arrangements). Costs for accommodations, public transport (semester HVV ticket) and additional costs emerging with placements, excursions etc. are not covered under these fees.

Further information on financing options

Recognition by the Occupational Union of German Psychologists

As a first private academic institute, MSH Medical School Hamburg has been recognized by the Occupational Union of German Psychologists in regards to the BDP-Membership for the Master degree Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.

Voices of our teaching staff

Professor Dr rer. nat. Silke Wiegand-Grefe, Professor for Clinical Psychology:

»For me, psychology is one of the most fascinating academic disciplines, because it embraces all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience. In our degree Psychology with focus on Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy we try to teach this discipline in a practically relevant way so that students are ideally prepared for their future professional roles.«

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