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Why doing a Master at MSH?

10 important facts

  1. If you plan to undertake further doctoral studies, a Master degree is indispensable.

  2. A Master degree is often the prerequisite for higher level managerial positions.

  3. If you plan to work in the upper public services and in research institutions, a Master degree is a career advantage or sometimes even a prerequisite.

  4. Some jobs in enterprises require a specific in-depth understanding. Master students are often the preferred choice.

  5. If you enjoy the academic work or plan your career in science, research of academic administration, job entrance with a Master degree is a lot easier.

  6. If you wish to deepen study content, e.g. research methods, you finally have time to do this during your Master degree.

  7. The transfer from Bachelor to Master degree is the ideal time to switch locations, or even, to gain experiences from abroad.

  8. After completion of your Bachelor degree you are fully engaged in the student life, and academic life and can now lengthen this time with a Master degree.

  9. The starting salary for Master students is usually considerably higher, and you will soon feel the return-for-investment in future years.

  10. With the Master degree you can extend your knowledge and specialize in a specific field to further your career.
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