Programme structure Occupational- and Organizational Psychology (Master of Science)

Faculty of Life Sciences

To address and take into consideration students’ prior knowledge to entering the degree, elective modules are offered of which students can chose from. Graduates holding a Bachelor degree in psychology acquire economic foundational skills in the areas of planning, control, organization, personnel and leadership, as well as business administration and economics, whereas graduates holding a Bachelor degree in business administration or economics  acquire a comprehensive foundational insight into the models and concepts of general, differential and personality psychology, of psychological diagnostic as well as social psychology.

In the module Advanced Technical Skills students expand their knowledge in four fields of application. In the Advanced Field of Application of Psychology, you acquire skills of communication psychology, market- and media psychology as well as cultural psychology. The field Workplace Health Management includes psychological risk assessment, work design and health promotion interventions. In the module Personnel- and Organizational Development you acquire skills essential for recruitment- and selection processes, as well as personnel and organizational development. This also includes the respective interventions. Finally, the module Occupational- and Organizational Psychological Research includes the acquisition of skills necessary for psychological stress-, team- and leadership research. 

In line with the practical application, students acquire an in-depth insight into real everyday working life scenarios of occupational- and organizational psychologists. The internship/placement helps students apply and test their knowledge in occupational- and organizational psychology in the field, it helps them feel more confident in carrying out actual work and it provides incentives for the further design and structuring of the Master degree. Next to the acquisition and reflection of newly gained skills through the practical experience, the internship/training is also meant to open up new career perspectives.

Through the modules Research Methods, Quality- and Project Management, as well as Reflection and Communication of Scientific Result, students acquire scientific and methodological skills. The degree culminates with the Master thesis, including an oral colloquium in which students proof their skills in the field of academic research.

Quick overview

Study Commencement Date
01. October (WS)

Study Duration
Full-time / 4 semesters

Study Fees
695 Euro / month

Enrolment fees
One-off payment: 100 Euro

Master of Science

Field of work
› Organisational consulting and
› Marketing and market research
› staff/employee recruitment aptitude testing
  training courses and coaching
› workplace health management

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