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Programme structure Psychology with focus on Forensic Psychology (Master of Science)

Faculty of Life Sciences (University)

The Master degree Psychology with focus on Forensic Psychology at MSH aims to qualify students in the applied field of forensic psychology. Forensic Psychology herein, combines forensic psychology and criminal psychology. We specifically focus on interdisciplinary collaboration with other professions.

Reasoning behind the conceptualization and implementation of the Master degree Psychology with focus on Forensic Psychology at MSH Medical School Hamburg is the increased demand in all fields where psychology and law meet. This refers, on the one hand, to the academic guidance and support of research questions on the origin, maintenance, uncovering and treatment, as well as prevention of criminal behavior. On the other hand, we created a specialist training for forensic psychologists, that aim to work in the area of prison regime, hospital order treatment (forensic clinics for criminals with psychological disorders, prison), with the police, in ambulatories and counselling service positions for criminals or victims, or in criminological research institutions. Students become qualified to use theoretical knowledge to guide their actions in psychological assessment procedures.

With successful completion of the Master degree Psychology with focus on Forensic Psychology, students provide proof of their ability to reflect on and cope with the contemporary demands of a practical field of application – using evidence based strategies. Students are well qualified, both technically and methodologically. As such, they acquire a comprehensive set of skills on examination- and research methods. They are familiar with the forensic psychological context of required diagnostics. Furthermore, they develop an understanding for psychological diagnostics. Based on the general and specific research questions on methodological expertise in forensic psychology, students are specifically qualified to work in research-related institutions. As a whole, the Master degree Psychology with focus on Forensic Psychology offers with its 17 modules and a total of 120 CPs a unique degree with theoretical and practical content. Herein, students are trained in professional and cross-professional decision-making and responsibility skills, technical expertise, management foundations and methodological academic research skills – essential for future work in interdisciplinary teams. The degree as MSH Medical School Hamburg has an international focus and emphasizes both an inter-/multidisciplinary as well as a job-related network structure. This is in line with the innovative approach MSH takes - to learn and work in transdisciplinary teams and to jointly realize hands-on projects.

Quick overview

Study commencement Date
01. October (WS)

Study Duration
Dual degree* / 2 semesters

(*in combination with the Master degree Psychology with focus on Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy)

Study Fees

695 Euro / month (still valid for applications for a study start in 2024 received until 30.09.2023)

(for applications received after 01.10.2023, tuition fees of 795 Euro / month apply for a study start in 2024)

Enrolment fees
One-off payment: 100 Euro

Master of Science

Field of work
› Panel system
› Ambulatory criminal treatment
› Juvenile probation officer
› Practices and Institutes
› Institutions of judicature
› Outreach clinics
› Police services
› Clinics
› Research Institutes

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