Programme structure Psychology with focus on Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (Master of Science)

Faculty of Life Sciences (University)

What to expect from the Master degree Psychology with focus on Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at MSH?

The profile of the Master degree Psychology with focus on Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy is based on the following five key competence fields:

  • Job-related decision-making and responsibility

  • Cross-professional decision-making and responsibility

  • Advanced technical skills

  • Practical application

  • Scientific and methodological skills

Whilst developing job-related decision-making and responsibility skills, students become acquainted with the foundations of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. These relate specifically to psychological disorders, neurosciences, research methods and medicine for psychologists. Besides, students get an insight into behavioural interventions and some initial foundations of depth-psychological/psychoanalytical interventions, as well as into interventions with children and adolescents.

In all our psychological Master degrees covering the modules Quality Assurance and Quality Management, we focus on the development of cross-professional decision-making and responsibility skills. This is in line with the innovative approach MSH takes - to learn and work in transdisciplinary teams of the health care sector and to jointly realize hands-on projects.

Through the module Advanced Technical Skills, students expand their knowledge in the areas of interventions in depth psychology/psychoanalytical psychotherapy as well as in interventions with children and adolescents. They acquire skills in systemic and hypnotherapy as well as in forensic sciences. Students can then chose two elective modules: Public Health, Intercultural Psychotherapy, Gerontopsychology, Report Writing.

Key objectives of this degree are to become acquainted with the key clinical-psychological and psychotherapeutical practical fields of application. We focus on the exchange and direct interaction with professionals from the field. We also ensure that students get to experience different challenging psychological situations of patients and those seeking treatment.

The degree culminates with the Master thesis including an oral colloquium. Herein, students proof their skills of academic research.

Quick overview

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