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Job- and career prospects Psychology with focus on Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (Master of Science)

Faculty of Life Sciences (University)

What are the professional perspectives after you graduate with a Master degree in Psychology with focus on Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at MSH Medical School Hamburg?

The past few years have seen a steady increase in psychological disorders. Specifically, this affects many employees – a fact that is often overlooked because these disorders tend to be hidden at work, but recent health insurance analysis prove the continues increase in disorders.

As such, the demand on psychotherapeutic treatment options in increasing. The current pool of qualified psychotherapists will not be able to respond to this demand, if no action is taken to increase training capacities in tertiary institutions. A recent paper on the long waiting lists in ambulatory psychotherapy underlines the existing lack of technical staff. Notably, the economic interest with positive return on investment in psychotherapy is often overseen.

A key aspect of this degree is the fact that it gives entrance to the subsequent psychotherapeutical training, subject to the recognition of the relevant regional authority. The curriculum of the Master of Psychology with focus on Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy degree, together with the curriculum of the Bachelor of Psychology degree at the Faculty of Life Sciences, fulfill the requirements of the current minimum standards for entrance to the psychotherapy training. Admission for the psychotherapeutical training solely occurs through the relevant regional authority. 

Both, the Bachelor degree and the Master degree have been successfully accredited by AHPGS. After successful completion of the Master degree, students can proceed to undertake further doctoral studies.

From recent demographic trends, we anticipate an increased demand on qualified staff in the following areas of work:

  • Medical rehabilitation
  • Counselling services, e.g. psychological counselling, youth centers
  • Hospitals, health centers, medical care centers
  • Ambulatory practices

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