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Job- and career prospects Psychology (Bachelor of Science)

Faculty of Life Sciences (University)

What are the career perspectives after you graduate with a Bachelor degree in Psychology at MSH Medical School Hamburg?

The Bachelor degree Psychology at MSH Medical School Hamburg oversees the fields of health psychology, clinical psychology and psychotherapy, pedagogical psychology and occupational – and organisational psychology. As such, after successful completion of the degree you meet the requirements to work as technical expert in the fields of prevention, in the health care sector of people with psychological disorders and/or occupational- and organisational psychological fields of work.
Further to this, as graduate you can undertake Master studies to advance and strengthen your skills in specific fields of interest. For example, MSH offers the Master degree Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. Key aspect here is that the Master degree meets the requirements for entrance into the subsequent psychotherapeutic training.

Together with the curriculum of the Bachelor degree Psychology, the Master degree Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy meets the current and future minimal requirements to access the training for psychotherapists. Note that the admission for the psychotherapy trainings relies solely on the relevant federal state authority. The Bachelor degree alone does not suffice to practice as an independent psychologist.

MSH accommodates the developing job markets in responding to the professional training for psychologists with resource oriented concepts on a changing society and its current demands. Concepts are continuously checked for being up-to-date.

Over the course of your studies, you will explore which direction is the best one for you. We support you along the way!

Quick overview

Study commencement date
01. April (SS)
01. October (WS)

Study Duration
Full-time / 6 semesters

Study Fees
695 Euro / month

Enrolment fees
One-off payment: 100 Euro

Bachelor of Science

Field of work
› Prävention
› Health Care
› Occupational- and
  Organisational Psychology

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