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Programme structure Psychology (Bachelor of Science)

Faculty of Life Sciences

The nexus of studies and current research

The centre for Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics at MSH is focused on a range of areas of psychological research questions and guarantees a close connection of research and teaching. The majority of research projects has a clinical approach and is closely connected to the outpatient treatment services in the psychotherapeutic academic clinic in the MSH.

The psychotherapeutic academic clinic in the MSH is an outpatient clinic authorized for teaching and research. The clinic offers services in the field of diagnostics, counselling and treatment.

The Bachelor degree Psychology is offered at the Faculty of Life Sciences at MSH Medical School Hamburg. This faculty is an officially state-approved academic institution, equivalent to a University. The Bachelor degree has a strong focus on scientific-oriented methodology and qualifies for a subsequent Master degree, especially for the Master of Psychology with focus on Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.

Scientific-methodological focus

As a result of this focus, students acquire a broad range of methodological skills in the areas of research methods, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics, as well as specific fields of application of psychological diagnostics. Furthermore, graduates of this degree are familiar with common techniques of academic research and practice and have proven – in the context of their internship / placement – their skills to independently conquer academic research questions.  

Application-oriented focus

Next to technical expertise and a fundamental training of foundations and methodology, the Bachelor degree Psychology also has application-oriented foci. This includes the field Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Occupational- and Organizational Psychology, Health Psychology and Pedagogic Psychology. The combination of different fields allows us to respond to the increasing demands posed on technical staff of the health care sector.


The degree has an international focus and integrates both an inter-/multidisciplinary- as well as a practical network structure. Cross-professional decision-making and responsibility skills are trained in transdisciplinary modules such as ethics in health, medicine and medical management. This corresponds to the transdisciplinary approach MSH is taking

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Studying fulltime

The full-time degree encompasses three calendar years that are composed of six semesters. During lecture times, lectures and seminars take place with usually 24 hours per week. Each semester comprises five months of lecture time and an additional lecture-free months/examination period.

Study fees for the degree are 695 Euro/month and cover all services needed for the successful completion of the degree (lectures, seminars, assessments, examinations, facilities, support, administrative arrangements). Costs for accommodations, public transport (semester HVV ticket) and additional costs emerging with placements, excursions etc. are not covered under these fees.

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Numerus clausus-free studies

Studying at MSH is numerus clausus-free. Motivation, performance and talent are of more value to us than your average grade point on your final diploma.

Accreditation by the Occupational Union of German Psychologists (Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen)

As a first private academic institute, MSH Medical School Hamburg has been accredited by the Occupational Union of German Psychologists  in regards to the BDP-Membership for the Bachelor degree Applied Psychology.

Quick overview

Study commencement date
01. April (SS)
01. October (WS)

Study Duration
Full-time / 6 semesters

Study Fees

795 Euro / month


Enrolment fees
One-off payment: 100 Euro

Bachelor of Science

Field of work
› Prävention
› Health Care
› Occupational- and
  Organisational Psychology

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