Study Programs of the Department Performance, Neuroscience, Therapy and Health

Faculty of Health Sciences (University of Applied Sciences)

Bachelor Programs

What makes the Bachelor's program in Speech Therapy at the MSH special is the teaching of advanced specialist skills in the fields of neuroscience and health psychology. By acquiring scientific skills and management expertise, you will be qualified to lead interdisciplinary teams. You will work at the same level as other academically-qualified professional groups in the health care system, be able to reflect scientifically on your own professional activities and integrate the latest findings into the treatment process.

The bachelor's program in Physiotherapy is offered parallel to training for Physiotherapy students who complete their training at the Institute for Practice-Oriented Continuing Education (IPW), although students from other physiotherapy schools can also apply for the Bachelor's program. The course begins simultaneously with the first day of vocational training and is divided into six semesters, completed during the training period, followed by two full-time semesters. In addition to the solid practical training, students acquire the necessary scientific skills for an academic career from their first semester. A major feature of the Bachelor's program in Physiotherapy is the teaching of advanced specialist skills in the area of neurosciences and sports science. 

Especially aimed at those with an interest in sports who, besides their practical work, want to learn about the methodological and scientific backgrounds. Application-oriented, the Bachelor's program in Sports Science guarantees a broad, scientifically-based education, intensively focusing on sports science, as a cross-sectional scientific field with its own disciplines (e.g. training science, sports medicine, sports psychology, biomechanics) for a wide variety of fields of application.

Master's Programs

The Master's program in Sports Science: Performance Diagnostics and Training Control engages in the context of sports science with its behavioral and scientific sub-disciplines, especially training and movement science, biomechanics, sports medicine and sports psychology. Building on the foundations of sports science knowledge, both research methodological and application-oriented scientific procedures and concepts are taught and applied in the fields of diagnostics and training.

The Master’s program in Sports Psychology focuses on the topic of performance. Today, more than ever, attaining a top level of performance plays a central role in society. This applies in equal measure to competitive sport and to the whole field of business management.

The Master's program in Sports Psychology take place at BSP Business School Berlin.

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