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Department Performance, Neuroscience, Therapy and Health

Faculty of Health Sciences (University of Applied Sciences)

If you are passionate about helping stroke patients find their way back into their normal everyday lives, to research the complex performance of professional athletes, or to work as a coach / trainer in preventive health promotion, then join us at the Department of Performance, Neuroscience, Therapy and Health (PNTH). The PNTH comprises the bachelor's programs in physiotherapy, speech therapy and sports science, as well as the master's program in sports science, with a focus on performance diagnostics and training control.

The master's program in sports psychology starts at our sister university BSP Business School Berlin in winter semester 2019/20.

Each degree meets the highest quality standards. In-depth support in small learning groups, state-of-the-art teaching materials and rigorous interdisciplinary exchange within the department is our top priority: Physiotherapists benefit from the latest research findings in sports science and speech therapists become acquainted with psychological diagnostic methods. Questions from the fields of neurology, rehabilitation and geriatrics are answered in an interdisciplinary approach.

PNTH graduates are confident in using scientific methods, empirical research techniques, or diagnostic tests. The highly qualified teaching team brings even the most complicated material across – comprehensibly and sustainably - not losing sight of the practical aspects of business and society along the way. Thus, studying at our PNTH department guarantees that its graduates are ideally prepared for careers in clinics, practices, health care facilities and research.

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