Study Program Medical Pedagogy (Bachelor of Arts)

Faculty of Health Sciences (University of Applied Sciences)

The Bachelor's program in Medical Pedagogy, with a first vocational qualification, qualifies students to work as practical teachers and instructors at vocational schools in the health professions and in the health care sector. The concept of the Bachelor's program takes both scientific findings and professional practice into consideration and leads to initial technical and pedagogical skills and expertise.

When it comes to comprehensive teacher training in accordance with KMK standards, the Bachelor's program represents the first study phase, which is then followed by the Master's program in Medical Pedagogy (M.Ed.) at our Faculty of Life Sciences (University). The concept here is to offer access to the public school system (preparatory service/internship), upon completion of the consecutive Master's program in Medical Pedagogy.

  • Course Contents and Structure
  • Admission Requirements
  • Career Prospects

Course Contents and Structure

The Bachelor's program Medical Pedagogy (B.A.) consists of 23 modules assigned to five fields of competence. 

In the field of Educational Sciences with a focus on occupational and business education, students develop general pedagogical and didactic basics for skill-oriented teaching-learning concepts. Students can classify the structural associations between general and occupational didactics and bring vocational teaching and learning processes into context with educational demands.

In the field ProfessionalSpecialization, students must decide on one of the special subjects as defined by the KMK, either in the area of nursing or health sciences, which encourages basic academic and didactic skills.

The area of Social Sciences as a subject of instruction, covers the scientific basics and also creates the respective didactic references.

The School Practical Studies enable students to practically deepen and reflect the authority acquired during the study course. The Bachelor's thesis forms the scientific conclusion of the course.

Admission Requirements

What are the requirements for admission to the Bachelor's program in Medical Pedagogy?

  • General higher education, or subject-specific entrance qualification in accordance with §37 HmbHG,
  • Special access to Higher Education for employed persons in accordance with §38 HmbHG via entrance examination (corresponding to the specific university’s entrance exam regulations) and interview,
  • Completed vocational training in a specialized occupation in the health and social sector or comparable qualification,
  • Eligibility for higher education in accordance with §38 HmbHG

The following professional qualifications are admitted

  • Care and nursing professions: geriatric nurse, health care and nursing staff, pediatric nurse, maternity nurse
  • Medical-technical assistant professions: MTAF, MTRA, MTLA, MTAO/OTA, orthoptist, PTA
  • Therapeutic healing professions: occupational therapist, physiotherapist, speech therapist, motopedist, masseur
  • Other non-medical assistant professions: medical and dental assistants, dental technicians, pharmaceutical-commercial employees, rescue assistants, emergency paramedics, podiatrists, dietary assistants
  • Social professions: home and family nurse or caregiver, curative educator, educator/youth and home care teacher

Your application

  • Tabular curriculum vitae
  • Certificate of required previous education with average grade
  • Copy of identity card (front and back), Identity card for international students
  • Proof of completed vocational training in the form of professional license and certificate
  • Evidence of activities conducted to date
  • Study book or degree certificate, if applicant has already studied at other universities

Career Prospects

Your career prospects after graduation are diverse. With a Bachelor's degree in Medical Pedagogy, you are qualified to pursue the following activities

  • Practice teacher at health schools (technical schools and vocational schools for health)
  • Practical instructor in training of the health professions
  • In the personnel and organizational development of health care companies
  • In associations, organizations, health insurance funds and other health and social care institutions
  • In the management of inter-professional teams in health and social institutions

A relevant, further-qualifying Master's program in Medical Pedagogy (M.Ed.) creates the prerequisite for admission to the refendariat (practical teacher training). The Master's degree program can also be followed by a doctorate. Other interesting master’s courses, such as Digital Health Management (M.Sc.).

We are here to inform you about further possibilities following the completion of your Bachelor studies. Give us a call!

Quick overview

Study commencement date
01. April (SoSe) / 01. October (WS)

Study Duration
Part-time / 8 semesters
Dates for block weekends

Study Fees
450 Euro / month

Enrolment fees
One-off payment: 100 Euro

General school practical studies

Bachelor of Arts

Field of work
› as practice teacher at schools in the health care sector (technical schools and vocational schools)
› as practical instructors in the training of health care professions
› in the personnel and organizational development of health care companies
› in associations, organizations, health insurance funds and other health and social care institutions
› in the management of sub-professional teams in health and social facilities

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