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Study Program Medical Engineering B.Sc.

Faculty Health Sciences (University of Applied Sciences)

An industry in transition

The health system in Germany is in the course of upheaval and is currently subject to special development dynamics. The change in medical, social, legal and economic conditions generally brings with it a growing need for healthcare professionals. The medical technology industry is not excluded from this. It can be shown that graduates with a qualification in medical technology-oriented study programs have little difficulty finding a job. Industry experts even assume that the demand for medical technicians will continue to rise in the coming years.

Strong interfaces in the profile of MSH

The bachelor's degree in medical technology strengthens the interdisciplinary profile of the MSH and benefits from interfaces to medical controlling, rescue management, medical education, health management, but also to work and organizational psychology and, in particular, medicine. The Bachelor's degree program is thematically broad and application-oriented in design.

Taking into account the requirements of the labor market, the bachelor's degree program in medical technology encompasses not only the technically oriented topics of engineering medicine, medical apparatus engineering and medical informatics, but also sound medical basic knowledge as well as business management and organizational topics in the healthcare industry. This allows graduates to work together on an equal footing with all future clients and partners. The Bachelor's degree program at MSH prepares students for a very wide range of applications, but focuses on the technical aspects of surgery.

Interdisciplinary research methods enable students to conceive, implement and document their own practice projects and their presentation. Here you benefit in particular from the wide range of courses offered by MSH in the fields of health and medicine and can gain a wealth of experience from tangential degree programs during their studies. The requirements for cooperation in interdisciplinary teams are lived out at MSH and provide the basis for interprofessional ideas and their implementation. Graduates have very good prerequisites to occupy an interface between medical technology, health economics and medicine.

Building on the bachelor's program, MSH offers a complementary master's program in medical technology.

  • Course Content and Structure
  • Admission Requirements
  • Career Perspectives

Course Content and Structure

The bachelor's degree in medical engineering is thematically broad and application-oriented. In addition to engineering education, medical and economic aspects of medical technology are taught in particular. On the basis of scientifically oriented methodology and analytical competence, the graduates should above all have the ability and the motivation to work on tasks openly and creatively, taking into account technical, medical, social and economic aspects in their solutions. Communicative and social key competences as well as autonomous action are additionally promoted as a cross-cutting topic in all modules.

Particular emphasis is placed on the practical competences that provide broad-based knowledge in the areas of surgical planning, minimal invasive surgery and telemedicine techniques, as well as providing in-depth knowledge and skills for the technology-oriented questions of current surgical practice. A one-semester internship offers opportunities for practice contacts both nationally and internationally.



Admission Requirements

Which prerequisites do you have to bring with you for the bachelor's degree in medical technology?

  • General university entrance qualification, subject-specific university entrance qualification or the Fachhochschulreife according to § 37 HmbHG or     
  • Special access for employed persons in accordance with § 38 HmbHG or aptitude test (according to the entrance examination regulations of the university) and job interview 
  • Applicants should have a special interest in technical developments and analytical skills in engineering, economics and medicine

The study programs at MSH Medical School Hamburg are NC-free: Talent, motivation and discipline count more than the grade point average on the certificate. Punctuality, good performance and commitment during your studies are of great importance. Contact us. We are happy to help you with any questions.

The application     

  • Completed and signed application for admission with a tabular CV and two current passport photos (names on back)     
  • Certificate of required education with average grade     
  • Copy of identity card (front and back), foreign students identity card     
  • Proof of completed vocational training in the form of a work permit and certificate;     
  • Proof of past activities     
  • Certificate of completion or study book if the applicant has already studied at other universities

Career Perspectives

The comprehensive content of the bachelor's program in medical engineering prepares students for a very wide range of activities: In the medical technology industry, graduates can take responsibility for product development, management, sales, marketing and product training. In hospitals, medical practices and nursing homes, they work in areas such as installation, control and repair of equipment such as dialysis machines, ultrasound machines or surgical robots. They get in contact with doctors and nurses as well as with patients and are at the same time the interface to manufacturers, research and authorities.

Medical technicians are also qualified to direct areas of quality management or the monitoring of diagnostic methods. In the service sector of the healthcare industry, tasks in consulting or licensing of medical devices can be assumed.

A master's degree can be attached to the Bachelor's degree, which in particular qualifies for specialized activities and management tasks.

Quick Overview

Study commencement date
01. Oktober (WS)

Study Duration
Full-Time: 6 Semester

Study Fees
625 Euro Month

Enrolment fees
One-off payment: 100 Euro

Bachelor of Science

Field of work
› Product Development
› Produkt Management
› Sales
› Product Training
› Product Maintenance

Employers are
› Medical Engineering Industry
› Companies within the Health Economy
› Hospitals
› Medical Practices


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