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Study program Medical Controlling and Management (Bachelor of Science)

Faculty of Health Sciences (University of Applied Sciences)

An Innovative Professional Field

In the Bachelor's program Medical Controlling and Management, students acquire a comprehensive understanding of business administration and, at the same time, essential knowledge of health economics and the fundamentals of medicine through practical and well-founded training. The combination of the disciplines of business administration, medicine and management provides the skill-set required to work successfully in operative and strategic medical controlling, corporate development, project management office, quality management, or as management assistant, as well as the ability to assume leadership and managerial responsibility in daily life.

The aim is to provide students with a sound knowledge of essential documentation, coding and accounting processes, which are a key component of securing revenue and thus decisive for the economic success of healthcare facilities. In addition, students acquire extensive skills in the fields of economics, business administration and health economics.

Business Administration, Medicine and Management 

What makes the Bachelor's program in Medical Controlling and Management special is not only the dual qualification in medicine and business administration, but the management training acquired simultaneously. In addition to classic management qualities such as assertiveness, the ability to think analytically, negotiating talent and a professional appearance, students also learn technical skills in classical project- and process management, together with quality management.

The combination of medical controlling and management skills creates an innovative job profile with growing significance for the healthcare industry of the future. The medical controller and medical manager is the bridge builder - a major link between medicine and economics.

The Medical Controlling and Management Bachelor’s course offered by the Department of Medical Management leads to the degree Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) after a standard study period of 9 semesters. The Bachelor's program in Medical Controlling and Management is state-recognized and accredited.

  • Course Contents and Structure
  • Admission Requirements
  • Career Prospects
  • Additional Qualification

Course Contents and Structure

The Bachelor's program in Medical Controlling and Management (B.Sc.) consists of 24 modules assigned to five fields of competence.

  1. General Management Competence 
  2. Inter-professional Competence
  3. Advanced Technical Skills
  4. Occupational field-related Competence 
  5. Methodological and Social Competence

In the General Management Competence field, basic modules in business administration and science, as well as the fundamentals of the management process are taught across all courses. 

In the field of Inter-professional Competence, the MSH pursues an interdisciplinary approach to learning and working in interdisciplinary health care teams, which is implemented in joint, practice-oriented projects as interdisciplinary modules. 

Advanced Technical Skills for Medical Controllers teaches the subjects of business administration, health economics, accounting, medicine and law in the subject-specific basic modules.

The Occupational field-related Competence section builds on the medical and business management concepts taught in the foundational modules, and relates to the field of medical controlling with advanced modules, and subsequently applied to practice-relevant issues in the health care system. This area is also of key importance within the framework of the internship. 

The foundation for scientific work is laid in the field Methodological and Social Competence and includes the theoretical and methodological fundamentals of empirical social research. This field functions as a cross-sectional area to the basic and advanced modules and is particularly relevant for preparing the bachelor thesis.

Admission Requirements

What are the entry requirements for admission to the bachelor's program in Medical Controlling and Management?

  • General or subject-related higher education entrance qualification, or technical college entrance qualification in accordance with §37 HmbHG, or
  • Special access to Higher Education for employed persons in accordance with §38 HmbHG via entrance examination (corresponding to the specific university’s entrance exam regulations)

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to answer your questions. 

Your Application

  • Fully completed and signed admission form with curriculum vitae 
  • Copy of passport or identity card (front and back), for international students identity-card
  • if applicable, evidence of activities conducted to date
  • Study book or degree certificate, if applicant has already studied at other universities

Studying at MSH Medical School Hamburg is numerus-clausus free. For us, performance, talent, motivation and discipline count more than the final grade point average on your high school diploma. Punctuality, good performance and commitment during your studies are of greater importance.



Career Prospects

As a graduate of the bachelor's program Medical Controlling and Management, you will have acquired key qualifications that will enable you to enter the diverse fields of activity in medical controlling and management straight after completion of your studies. 

Our graduates find work in hospitals:

  • in operative and strategic medical controlling
  • in financial and services controlling
  • in project management
  • in case management
  • in quality management 
  • in the area of corporate development
  • in management assistance 

In addition, graduates find employment in other institutions in the health sector, such as in:

  • health insurance companies as case manager
  • consulting firms as project manager
  • large medical practices and health centers as practice manager
  • pharmaceutical companies as DRG consultant
  • manufacturers of medical products/devices as DRG consultant
  • scientific institutes as part of the further development of the DRG system
  • professional associations as academic staff
  • as speaker in health-political associations

With a Bachelor's degree, you also meet the requirements for subsequent studies leading to a Master of Science degree, which then qualifies you for a managerial position up to executive level. For example:

We are here to inform you about further possibilities following the completion of your Bachelor studies. Give us a call!

Additional Qualification

Certified Quality Representative

Students have the opportunity to obtain the additional qualification »Certified Quality Representative« upon successful completion of Module 17 Quality Management.  

Find out more in the Interview with Prof. Dr. med. Steffen Gramminger

Quick overview

Study commencement date
01. October (WS)

Study Duration
Full-time / 6 semesters

Study Fees
625 Euro / month

Enrolment fees
One-off payment: 100 Euro


Bachelor of Science

Field of work
› Operational and/or strategic medicine controlling
› Corporate development
› Project management
› Process management
› Quality management
› Case management
› Patient management
› Management assistance

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