Job- and career prospects Advanced Nursing Practice (Bachelor of Science)

Faculty of Health Sciences (University of Applied Sciences)

What are the professional perspectives after you graduate with a Bachelor degree in Advanced Nursing Practice at MSH Medical School Hamburg?

As academically qualified and practically experienced nursing staff, your job- and career prospects are diverse. 

You are able to individually manage and coordinate complex processes, you can design and carry out inter-professional work and you have the skills to accept leadership responsibility. You contribute to quality assurance and -development and you are capable to read and evaluate academic research articles.  

Our graduates of the Bachelor degree Advanced Nursing Practice find work in: 

  • In- and outpatient health care institutions
  • Health care services
  • Health care enterprises
  • Associations and clubs
  • Health insurance funds
  • health promotion practice
  • management of multi-professional teams in health- and social institutions

Case Management in the Social- and Health Care Sector

Over the course of the studies, students can attain the degree “Case Management in Social- and Health Care Sector and in the employment promotion” in accord with the standards and guidelines of the further development of the German Society for Care and Case Management (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Care und Case Management (DGCC)).

The Bachelor degree further contributes to the ability to be flexible and adaptable on the European job market – job offers from abroad such as the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland and Scandinavia become achievable, as your degree is internationally recognized. 

With the Bachelor degree you further meet the requirements to undertake further studies, e.g. the Master of Science. 

MSH supports the academisation of the nursing professions

MSH Medical School welcomes the fact that nursing staff with a completed academic degree receive a sensible remuneration package. In this context we would like to stress that the updated policy on fees based on the wage agreement of the public sector (TvÖD) enables qualified nursing staff with a completed academic degree to now benefit from the recent introduction of the Entgeldgruppe 9b for the first time.

Furthermore, the new Entgeltordnung of the public sector projects further improvements in the classification details of nursing and care professions. As such, teaching staff with academic background and relevant work experience will be classified to the Entgeldgruppe 13. These updates take place from January 1, 2017. 

Quick overview

Study commencement date
01. October (WS)

Study Duration
Part-time / 6 semesters*
*With recognition test in the first semester and job recognition

Part-time / 9 semesters*
*Without recognition
Dates for block weekends

Study Fees
390 Euro / month

Enrolment fees
One-off payment: 100 Euro

Bachelor of Science

Field of work
› Clinics
› Practices
› Health care enterprises

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