Bachelor degrees Faculty of Health Sciences (University of Applied Sciences)

Advanced Nursing Practice

The Bachelor degree Advanced Nursing Practice addresses qualified nursing staff with existing work experience. The degree provides the opportunity to acquire an academic degree with advanced technical skills in the fields of intensive care / emergency medicine / anaesthesia nursing / anaesthesiology or emergency medicine. What is special on this degree is the strong medical alignment, combined with the equipment of skills in quality management, risk- and change management as well as case- or disease management. 

Additional qualifications:

Bachelor degree of Advanced Nursing Practice

Speech Therapy

What is special about the numerus clausus-free Bachelor degree Speech Therapy at MSH Medical School Hamburg is the communication of advanced technical skills in the field of neurosciences and in the elective courses Health Psychology and Medical Pedagogy. Through the acquisition of scientific- and management skill, you become qualified to lead interdisciplinary teams. Further, you work on the same level with other academically qualified groups of profession in the health care sector. 

Bachelor degree Speech Therapy

Medical Controlling and Management

This degree provides a medical and economic dual qualification. The innovative combination of business administration and medicine is unique in Germany and qualifies you to work in the fields of medical controlling, economy, quality assurance, and process optimization in the health care sector. 

Additional pending qualifications: 

  • Case management
  • Quality management agent

Bachelor degree Medical Controlling and Management

Medical Pedagogy

The Bachelor degree Medical Pedagogy primarily addresses teaching staff for the health professions, but is also directed at other teachers. In this degree, you acquire comprehensive skills in the fields of health and educational sciences, with emphasis on professional- and economic pedagogy. As a second professional field of work you can chose between Nursing Sciences (incl. Therapeutic Sciences) and Health Sciences. As a foundational subject, you take Social Sciences as a core subject. 

Bachelor degree Medical Pedagogy


What is special about the Bachelor degree Physiotherapy is the communication of advanced technical skills in the field of neurosciences and in the elective courses Sport Medicine, Rehabilitation and Medical Pedagogy. 

Further, you acquire a degree with cross-disciplinary know-how in the field of scientific and management skills and are therefore qualified to lead interdisciplinary teams. Working with other academically qualified professional groups in the health care sector on the same level is therefore guaranteed. 

Bachelor degree Physiotherapy

Rescue Management

The Bachelor degree Rescue Management is offered as a part-time module for emergency medicine students. During nine semesters of study, you acquire comprehensive management and research skills. Further, you become familiar with a number of organisational structures to reflect on and assess emergency medicine services. As such, you are ideally prepared to work as head of emergency wards, emergency medical services or head of division in aid agencies, relief organizations or in emergency wards. 

Bachelor degree Rescue Management

Social Work

The aim of the Bachelor degree Social Work is to provide an academic qualification for technical staff that does not only focus on crisis-oriented intervention methods, but also includes holistic preventive approaches. As such, we aim to face the current societal challenges in the work with and for people across their lifespan on a high technical level. Students do not only acquire technical knowledge, but we also teach professional perspectives, personal stability and the capacities to reflect and become a critical thinker. This is important as graduates will influence their future families and individuals being a role model in crisis situations. Therefore, students learn to reflect on themselves and assess their own effect in the interaction with others.  

Bachelor degree Social Work

Transdisciplinary Early Intervention

The innovative Bachelor degree Transdisciplinary Early Intervention aims to establish the professional picture of the early educator as a development expert for toddlers and as a professional consultant for parents on an academic level. You acquire practice-relevant technical skills in pedagogical, psychological and therapeutical fields of knowledge in combination with contemporary approaches and organisational structures. Besides, you develop your social skills. With this qualification, you are well prepared to face early preventive interventions with toddlers and their families that face multiple development risks, such as disabilities, potential disabilities or social discrimination. 

Bachelor degree Transdisciplinary Early Intervention

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