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Information for study abroad experiences

A fixed study period abroad for the duration of one or two semester offers the following advantages:

  • You get to know a new country with its language and culture (field reports)
  • You get an insight into another academic world
  • You serve as ambassador for MSH and actively contribute to grow our global network
  • Your studies can – depending on a case-by-case review - be credited. Please note the important information regarding accreditation of courses from abroad (below)

You can pursue your study abroad period anywhere in the world. In a study period within our cooperation network, we support you in your application processes. We regularly host international guests to inform our students about study opportunities abroad. Time and location of these informative events are announced via TraiNex- our university internal email program.

Further information regarding your study abroad period

Usually, you commence your study abroad period during your 3rd 4th or 6th semester. With cooperating partners, the selection process depends on:

  • The number of vacant study places at the partner university
  • Status of studies and academic history
  • Level of language of instruction and local language
  • Motivation of student

Deadline for applications

  • Summer semester: 15. July of the previous year
  • Winter semester: 15. January of the same year

For a smooth linguistic preparation in the English speaking countries, we recommend the participation at the MSH Workshop Program (area V).

Your selection of courses of the host university

Prior to undertaking your studies abroad, please clarify how your studies abroad can be credited in your home institution.

Key is the so called Learning Agreement, which regulates the accreditation studies based on agreements between the home- and host university in the forefront. The Learning Agreement must be finalised prior to commencing the planning of your study period abroad. It must be noted that deviation of content is possible and therefore the accreditation may not be guaranteed despite the Learning Agreement. The contractual regulations of MSH for the accreditation of study content is binding (see Trainex).

Please note in this context that MSH does not take over responsibility for the realisation of course delivery in the host country. Thus it is not recommended to start organizing your study period abroad prior to enrolment in coursework and confirmation of the host university. Due to variation in course content or spontaneous changes in the modules of the host university, the study period abroad may not result in full accreditation of MSH and may result in a longer study period at MSH University. This is especially relevant for students of psychology since the degree of Bachelor- and Master degree the requirements for a further education is met.

Further information for application processes, the organisation and the financing options of your study period abroad can be found in our information brochure and you can contact us in the Career Centre / International Offie. Please also note the information in regards to ECTS and current announcements for support programs provided in Trainex.

Financing Options

With a longer duration abroad, expenses increase, based on destination. The key financing options for 1-2 semester or an internship abroad is the Auslands-BaföG: for study periods shorter than 1 semester, however, you can only apply if a cooperation agreement with the host institution exists. Please note that – based on the country of destination – certain external key international offices may be responsible for you.

Internal announcements for the DAAD scholarship program PROMOS are offered twice a year. For current information about the programme ERASMUS+ please click here. Please note, that your Auslandsbafög will be reduced should you receive more than 300 Euro elsewhere.

Also note the internal rules and prerequisites for applying for a study break in order to pursue a study period abroad.

Academic year

Summer semester 2021:
01.04.2021 - 30.09.2021

Winter semester 2021/2022:
01.10.2021 - 31.03.2022

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