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PROMOS Stipends

PROMOS is a financial support system of the German Academic Exchange Service to support various study periods abroad. MSH has been awarded this service and supports its students in the realisation of their study abroad period. We publish scholarship opportunities twice a year in our TraiNex system and also announce these internally through handouts. The supported options include:

Scholarships (1-6 months)

Short-term scholarships (e.g. for completion of thesis) and scholarships for up to six months can be supported. Doctoral students cannot apply for this scholarship. Study fees are not covered under this scheme.

Semester scholarships in the space of ERASMUS are generally only possible where there is no ERASMUS+ cooperation in that field. Exempted are students that have previously been supported by ERASMUS+ and cannot be supported further, or when the number of existing cooperation partners is depleted.

Internships / placements (6 weeks – 6 months)

Internships are generally supported worldwide. Internships in EU-member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey cannot be supported due to the overlap with the internship program of ERASMUS+. Exempted are students that have already been supported for an internship abroad with ERASMUS and can now not get any further support through the ERASMUS program. Doctoral students cannot apply for this option.

Language courses (3 weeks – 6 months)

Language courses for students (including doctoral students) enrolled at Universities abroad can be supported worldwide. Further, students can apply for an additional course fees allowance of 500,- Euro/person, depending on the total available funds.

Technical courses / summer schools (up to six weeks)

Specialized courses for students (including doctoral students) for up to six weeks can be supported with a monthly stipend rate and/or travel allowance and/or a unique study fees allowance of up to 500,- Euros. Specialized courses are for example summer courses offered at Universities abroad; conference travel and symposia cannot be supported.

With exceptions, specialized courses can also be supported for the time period between the finalization of Bachelor degree and the beginning of the Master degree. Prerequisite is the admission or a similar commitment to a German University.

Note: Please also note the financial support options for doctoral students in the conference and symposia programme of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Application for scholarship

Please submit your application with the following documents

  • Motivation letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Current GPA
  • Supporting documents (e.g. social services, volunteering, reference letters)

Deadline for application: 15th June for the winter semester or 15th of November for the summer semester

Please submit your complete application materials electronically as one single PDF document and on time to the International Office. An internal selection committee will convene shortly after the deadline for submission and inform you in due time about the final decisions.

You can get an overview of the country specific residential- and travel allowances of the DAAD here.

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